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  1. Hello, I have an issue in P3D V5. the water becomes a yellow texture as you see in the attechement., what I have done so far, I uninstall client , senenery and content of P3D V5 but the issue still occur, can anyone tell me what is going on? maybe someone has an idea how to fix this. thank you.
  2. Hello I use Orbx for Prepare3D Version 4 and 5, when I close Version 5, I always got an error which I need to click on Close. when I read the error.txt I see some error=Found Duplicate Key Name, can anyone tell me how to fix this? thanks ContentErrors.txt
  3. Hello Nick when I go to Orbx library , the folder is empty. there is no folder at all as mentioned here
  4. FYI I changed the BGL as you mentioned, but, I still have this issue.
  5. Thanks I will give it ago, and will you know.
  6. Yes I have Na Southern Alaska installed, and I have deactivated in P3D , what do you mean with jNA Southern Alaska\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SAK05_SCENERY, do I need also deactivated or move to other directorry via explorer?
  7. Hello Nick No apologies needed but I appreciate your respons as I expect from the support forum, anyway I did read all the topics and tried them all ,but unfortunetely this issue still occur eventhougt I noticed that this morning there is an update for library.
  8. it is almost a week I asked support or answer from this support forum but no one respons even from support team ?
  9. I did but the same result, just wondering that I am no the only one has this problem and this issued already occur quit sometimes, but it seem no one knows how to solve this issue.
  10. Today I bought PAJN airport, and I have an issue with the elevation, I did try to disable it via vtx Global Vector and run auto correction and I am not able to disable it. any help?
  11. Hello Nick As you know that I just intalled the TEGB this morning, if I understand correctly I can installl also the EU England product and I am able to switch between them? and anohter question,I noticed since I installed the TEGB the loading time takes ages, is there any way to speed it up a bit? thanks.
  12. Hello Nick Yes I delete it already, but I still not able to install the Demo Tasmania, I try to download it via the website of ORBX but it seem not possible anymore, when I click open in ORBX central I can not click on install.
  13. Hello NIck I checked again in the ORBX central after rebooting my pc, I see now that Aus 2 is installed but I have another error for Tasmania demo, this time I am not able to click on install
  14. Hello Nick thanks for the quick respons, but I do not see any orbx foler in the user documents.
  15. Hello, yesterday as the last day of the year 2019, I install the ORBX central 4033 and decide to install the ORBX outside the P3D Folder, and bought the UK bundle, and I got an erros see the attechement, can anyone tell me how to fix this, I did try uninstall it but with no luck,
  16. After several time trying finally, it resume the download and I am downloading them now, this topic can be closed.
  17. Hello I install P3D version 4.3, with clean winndows 10 Pro and reinstall ORBX , this morning I can download some of products I have, and now I will resume to download them but every time I start FTX central , I got this error messeage, can anyone tell me how to fix this in order I can download the rest of the product I have , thanks
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