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  1. Very much looking forward to this. I have every airport you have made for P3D and MSFS. Having switched to MSFS, this is another one I want. Thank you for your quality products.
  2. Please disregard. This has been answered elsewhere.
  3. I have previously purchased Quatam River Airport PS01 for X-Plane and it is indeed a worthy addition to ORBX. Is there a way to migrate the stand-alone version into ORBX Central? Thanks!
  4. What a great story and images! I recently flew on the Alaska Horizon Dash-8 Q400 with the Seawolves livery. Can you point me to where I may get it? Thanks!
  5. Perhaps this will get fixed in the upcoming patch of TE Oregon.
  6. I thing just as important would be to see your UWXP settings. Remember... "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".
  7. These are beautiful! What airport is the second shot from?
  8. I played flight simulator on an Atari 800, at the time, a "real" computer, unlike the Atari 800XL which was for "games".
  9. Hey Chris, I remember that! That might explain a lot of vision problems later in us old flight simmer's life.
  10. I bought an Amiga 500 and an Apple II GS specifically because of Flight Simulator. =)
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