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  1. Hi, While flying into PAKT RWY 29 today, there were no PAPI lights. Jeppesen chart says there should be a PAPI on left side. I thught I took a screenshot but when I went to paste it, it was only my RXP 530. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have been enjoying flying around KSUN, what a beautiful area/airport! The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to tell P3DV4 where to start the flight/parking location. I can only see the runways, tower, etc. Has anyone else experienced this? Really hoping this is not normal behavior from the scenery! Thanks, Diego
  3. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments. I treasure this experience very much as it was a really excellent time. The people of Alaska are truly extraordinary. During our refueling stop in Ketchikan, the Alaska Airlines station crew was awaiting our arrival with a traditional Alaska BBQ with freshly caught local Salmon and Halibut. They had t-shirts and smoked salmon for us, and took pictures with our airplane, which is painted with a University of Alaska theme. All to celebrate Horizon Air's start of operations in the last frontier. We also apparently enjoyed one of the VERY VERY few clear days they get per year, and that was in the winter time! Quite a special day!
  4. Awesome! I can't wait to try it and for others to become available in NorCal
  5. Hey guys, I figured I'd share a time lapse video I made during an awesome flight I got to go on at the Airline I work for here in the PNW area. The video shows many areas featured in Orbx products. This flight was a repositioning of the aircraft to Anchorage from Portland, with a refueling stop in Ketchikan. The route pretty much followed the coast line. Featured in the video are a PDX takeoff, a visual approach into Ketchikan, an instrument departure from Ketchikan and an ILS approach into Anchorage (PANC) in addition to landmarks such as the Olympic Mountains, Glaciers, the city of Ketchikan and more. >http://youtu.be/PuBNkvIbQ4A
  6. Thanks guys! That was indeed a great little trip!
  7. Hi guys, as the summer season comes to a halt in the PNW, I just had to take one last trip to Lincoln City from my home base - Twin Oaks. The weather enroute and at Twin Oaks was mostly IFR, but Siletz Bay was VFR. Thankfully! I love coming out here early fall, after most of the crowds are gone, and the rates are lower! Willamette Valley and its river, near McMinnville Enroute IFR My wife took this one from the cabin Turning final Over the bay On approach From the cockpit, short final Over the numbers The moment of touchdown Taxing in
  8. That's is exactly the situation happening at the end of that runway! Lots of private GA as well as some twin turbo props, I am assuming some kind of air taxi service? Definitely plush!
  9. Hey everyone, just got back from some R&R time in Sunriver, Oregon - a nice little resort within the CRM coverage area . The place is absolutely fantastic, and there are lots of charismatic features around the airport, which is very Orbx-like in real life. Here is an overview of the area, and a link for information. It would be awesome if one of our developers would take an interest on it! By the way, I'd be more than willing to help gather the required photos, etc! http://www.sunriver-resort.com/sunriver-oregon-airport.php
  10. That is absolutely beautiful!!!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! I have already submitted my May entry, so maybe it will show up in the June round!
  12. Amazing set...you are killing it! That airplane looks sooo flyable. Those little windows on the ceiling were designed by someone who actually flies!
  13. Great set. Love # 3. The passenger perspective with the flap down is nice!
  14. Some of the best screenies I have ever seen. Anywhere.
  15. I only fly military aircraft once every 2 or 3 years, but when I do, I enjoy it! Not a bad climb rate in the cool morning air.... Heading straight down with the afterburners on from FL600, then pulling out level at 100 AGL doing 1400 KIAS was nothing short of exhilarating!
  16. Thanks! I really like the way the water turned out too! Actually, the sky and the water on the right side turned out nice. Thanks again!
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys! Really do appreciate it!
  18. For once, the weather is actually better outside than in the sim! Short flight, and now to enjoy the weather outside!
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