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  1. I have been hoping for updates to T.E.U.K. North for more than a year but it is obviously not going to happen Orbx has moved on to other things pity they can not find time now for earlier purchases.
  2. I was trying to make a purchase from Ebay through Paypal which I do quite often but the code that Paypal introduced using the telephone although accepted, resulted in the screen on the website freezing. So I will try again later.
  3. I find the water shows unrealistic large waves even on the lowest setting, so I do not have the water effects on at all.
  4. Hallo John, I am a three screen flyer and P3d copes with this with my computer I sometimes have to pause a bit If using complex aircraft in dense scenery, but using three screens has increased my enjoyment enormously as it gives a more 'in the cockpit feel' I do not wish to venture with MSFS as I think three screens may not cope with this well, given my present system (6 years old now) and also MSFS is still evolving. Also my £££'s are rather low and other more important household things take priority
  5. I have been hoping for about two years for an update for T. E. U. K. Central which would add the missing bridges and road traffic in the north east area. but I have now given up looking as it appears that this is not going to happen. too busy with MSFS I suppose. Otherwise I am very content with the numerous Orbx products I have in P3d v5.2 and have no intention of adding MSFS unless I find some more ££££'s to update to a new Computer.
  6. Many thanks, the first step verifying Orbx libraries did the trick. I have saved the post in my files for future reference.
  7. I have EU Germany in P3DV5.1 Always been ok visited the area again after not going there for sometime and I get this (see image) I uninstalled and reinstalled from Central but still the same. The only additions I have made recently are J.F. Global AI Traffic.
  8. Yes nice to see an update for P3d v5 sceneries at last, I was beginning to think it was all FS2020 now. Still waiting for update for T.E. Central ( Bridges and Road Traffic )
  9. I must admit i did not read this as I just assumed it was installing the hotfix which i had done following P3d manual ( more haste less speed ) I have now read nicks nice clear instructions, and all scenery appears to be now back in P3dv5 very quickly. I like this library way of storing files outside the sim.
  10. After having problems with the latest P3dV5 hotfix, I have reinstalled P3d V5 completely I now wish to reinstall all my Orbx products I still appear to have the files in my library (see pic.) I believe there is a way to reinstall from there without having to delete and reinstall from the Orbx Central ? Am I correct ?
  11. A great pity the Transporter Bridge does not show at Middlesborough
  12. Thanks Nick now ok, it did not seem to effect any others, but there yu go now set to 5m.
  13. 'Damyns Hall' in P3D V5 .1 I find floating buildings and static aircraft was ok in v5, I tried a re-install no change ( True Earth South installed )
  14. I must admit to being disappointed with not seeing updates for True Earth UK Central eg. missing bridges and traffic but we must just accept that the excellent Orbx team are just too busy on other things and we can only live in hope. I do not have the resources of ££ or computer capacity to move on to MSFS.
  15. Not seen any other updates as yet (Middlesborugh T.E. and London City) still hoping ?? I am using my previous payware UK 2000 London City at present.
  16. Sure enough, usual Orbx efficiency, received update for 'Alderney' today 22/6
  17. I have every confidence that the Orbx team will fit updates in when they can.
  18. I am running three screens with P3D V5 and T.E.U.K. areas and global trees I only get a few minor stutters when running complex aircraft and airports and sometimes the scenery will blur a bit after a while. I then pause it a few minutes. rely get O.O.M. my computer is four years old.
  19. Not seeing any road traffic and no bridges ( no transporter Bridge ?) Middlesbrough area P3D v5 T.E.Central checked verify files and traffic sliders? Maybe updates to come ? Otherwise very satisfied, but hoping to get V5 versions of my London City Airport and Alderney
  20. Thanks Nick, but I was still getting complications and it was filling up my complete C drive so I have done a complete reinstall P3dv5 and all Orbx scenery. I have also installed a My library File in to my E drive and install all Orbx to there, now all is well
  21. Hallo Nick all the Orbx products are in my P3D v4.5 folder
  22. I have installed the fastlane ,and wishing to transfer the Orbx files from p3dv4.5 to v5 but I can not find the Library files in p3d as stated in the instructions?
  23. I have now the full T.E. UK and would like to say many thanks to the Orbx team for an excellent job. I have found that there is an increase in overall performance and as I use three screens this is very important There are of course a few minor things I would have liked to have seen changed, but I appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to these latest products . once again well done Orbx.
  24. Many thanks for that , I ended task in the Task Manager then restarted Central, now ok and downloading.
  25. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: LOG CentralLog File.txt
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