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  1. I can not decide on what I´d like to put on the bread best. But I like to remember the lovely history: [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Montagu,_4th_Earl_of_Sandwich ] The modern sandwich is named after Lord Sandwich, but the exact circumstances of its invention and original use are still the subject of debate. A rumour ... formed the popular myth that bread and meat sustained Lord Sandwich at the gambling table ... Lord Sandwich was a very conversant gambler, the story goes, and he did not take the time to have a meal during his long hours playing at the card table. Consequently, he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat between two slices of bread, a habit well known among his gambling friends. Other people, according to this account, began to order "the same as Sandwich!", and thus the "sandwich" was born. ... The sober alternative to this account is provided by Sandwich's biographer N. A. M. Rodger, who suggests that Sandwich's commitments to the navy, to politics, and to the arts mean that the first sandwich was more likely to have been consumed at his work desk.
  2. Just to keep Terry´s fantastic Tasmania tour alive, and to enable you all to enjoy his passionate description. VFR1 Fantastic Furneau Group.rtf VFR2 Fabulous Frecinet Peninsula.rtf VFR3 Hobart to Magical melaleuca.rtf VFR4 Melalauce (Bathurst harbour) to Queenstown via Strahan Harbour.rtf VFR5 Queenstown to Smithton Via NW Coast.rtf VFR6 Smithton to launceston.rtf VFR7 Launceston To Central Tiers Tango.rtf VFR 1 Fantastic Furneaux.pln VFR 2 Fabulous Freycinet.pln VFR 3 Hobart to Bathurst Harbour.pln VFR 4 Bathurst Harbour to Queenstown.pln VFR 5 Queenstown to Smithton NW coast run.pln VFR 6 Smithton to Launceston.pln VFR 7 Launceston and Tiers Tour.pln
  3. Nice shots Paul, but the flight attendant in Nelson looks a bit strange. If that was Air NZ, we should avoid them...
  4. Great to see what is possible now, with this love for details. Give it some years and we´ll have this enthusiasm at many other locations! Plus I like the cockpit of the little plane, looks interesting as well. PS: Nice mountain flight - which basically is the purpose of a flight sim...
  5. A very happy Birthday, Landon. I am sure you go walking at this occasion...
  6. That looks fantastic, Paul. Is Juneau within reach for your plane?
  7. Good to read about this progress, John. Enjoy! PS: I like the challenge of study level planes as well.
  8. Fantastic shots, Adam. Seems the screenshot contest is solved.
  9. Looks uncommon, what’s its name?
  10. Looks like a very good landing, Jack. But these airports have driven cost saving a bit too far, I miss the Champagne in the lounge. Plus I am not sure if keeping the engines warm with open fire is sustainable.
  11. That is really very sad news. As Terry was so quiet for a long time, I had already feared something severe had stopped him from being here. I will continue to use the OZx add-ons he had created with love and passion, especially for Tasmania and the Pilbara. I will also fly the Tasmania route he had described many years ago, with so many personal explanations. A pity I wasn´t able to meet him and talk about his long and colourful life, coming from York to where he found home in the last years. Rest in peace, old mate.
  12. Well, you can look from above if you take a flight - as you did. And you can still get close and touch it. Plus, I can´t see that route is a nice one for trekking (picture taken 1 month before closing):
  13. Some great views of Uluru, Don, well done. A place one never forgets. I hope not of the evolution to future dryness...
  14. Lovely shots, Martyn. And it seems to be a good choice of plane for longer distances, as it has found its way from Alaska to Queensland!
  15. For me C as well, looks like fresh air and relaxed loneliness.
  16. Fantastic discoveries, John, and these details! Whoever made that, that is the passion we saw in OZx and RTMM!
  17. Looking at the forum as such, and the screenshot part in particular, I see many, many repeated posts with the same title. Each item got a separate response, causing the entire forum to consist of pages with identical forum headers. May I suggest to combine these somehow to a lower number of entries, for example by making multiple citations? No offense, I love all this humor, discussion and information. But I just loose the overview.
  18. Just to say: been there, done that… I love that strong cheese. Fits perfect to a white wine…
  19. Great shots Paul, I can already smell the fresh air and the Swiss cheese...
  20. These look great, Adam. Including the mechanic in the first shot.
  21. Hahaha, I just remember this is the screenshot forum… and we turned it into the Neil Hill lounge…
  22. Sorry to refuse this offer, but under such circumstances our duet will surely not come alive. On the other hand: who said we need to sing well, your neighbors won’t mind as we saw…
  23. Surprisingly this must be one far away from my home: Melbourne Tullamarine, because it is a major hub for southeastern Oz travels. Smaller airports (the heart of the former Orbx airport series) I often only visited once or twice. And now I put some more onto my list, just to continue this collection:
  24. Late, but honest: Happy Birthday John @lifejogger!
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