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  1. Hi , While I do not have a problem as such I've had a few issues with this scenery regarding load times and very blurry textures. I think I have sorted the blurries, remains to be seen if that is the case but i'm hopeful. My main issue now is the length of time loading of Netherlands takes. If I try to load the scenery directly from the p3d default selection screen it does not load at all( it sits at 6% and does not move) however if I load the default airport then move to a TE Netherlands airport from there, then it will load. Unfortunately this takes a very long time. It will get to 37% fairly quickly, but then sits at that point for around 8 mins.(Yes I timed it several times) it then slowly creeps up and then runs. If I change any of the graphic settings while the scenery is running I normally get a crash. any ideas what the cause might be? All my other sceneries load within a few seconds of selection. I saw someone mention acronis causing an issue, but I don't have that installed are there any other things that cause slow loading that I can check for? P3d at launch tends to load fairly slowly anyway for me despite being installed on an ssd
  2. Just a quick question regarding Australia v2. As it is currently on offer with a sale price of 30% off, I am just wondering, as I have Australia v1 which if owners of that had it in their account received 40% off of the price of V2 is still available. Now I'm not expecting to get both discounts but if the 40% off is no longer available for previous owners, then I would look at getting it while it is at 30% off. If however you can still get it under the previous owners discount at 40% off I will wait until the 30% deal is over Hope that makes sense Thanks
  3. Thanks Karsten, I will have a proper read and see how much I can figure out, For the purposes of Orbx central and using one set of scenery files just now for both versions of P3d the hard link clone seems to work better. Until I read up on why that might be, I'm happy its working just now. I suppose the problem might come if there is distinct differences for scenery between v4 and v5 having only one scenery downloaded for both sims
  4. Hi Nick, You must be sick of me, so apologies for that. I have tried both and they both work. The scenery shows up in p3dv5. Interestingly using the junction version I do not get a green tick in the Orbx central library for the relevant scenery, but using the hard link clone version I get the green tick. so obviously I would think that is the way to go. Also I get a standard looking folder in the P3dv5 folder using the hard link clone , whereas using the junction version I get a small chain at the corner of the folder. As both versions of symbolic link support folders, or at least seem to, why would you choose one over the other? I'm just trying to get my head round it all and would like to understand it in my head how they work. The problem for me, in searching the internet, all the explanations refer to using the mklink command rather than the graphical way and usually go way to deep for my needs. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm playing around with symbolic links for my Orbx scenery in the short term, as I am still running both p3dv4 and v5 and do not want to have double scenery for both sims. So i'm using symbolic links which I can do through right clicking the files in win 10 pro, and do not need to do it through the mklink command. however I have read that I should use a hard link for a folder but I have also read I should use a junction. There are several options available but I think the only 2 that are probably relevent are junction or hard link clone. I'm not very good with this sort of thing so can anyone offer some advice thanks
  6. Hi Nick, If I do that will that not just give me 2 sets of files for the same airport? I'm trying to only have 1 set of Orbx scenery files. I still use p3dv4 so I have a P3dv4 folder in my Orbx Library that has all my Orbx scenery in it. I just used a symbolic link in the P3dv5 folder until I fully move to P3dv5. When I started p3dv5 it did ask me if I wanted to add the Orbx airport and doing a test of before and after it does indeed look like the airport is present but Orbx central does not show a green tick in the installed P3dv5 scenery. I'm very new to symbolic links and only started because my ssd for P3d is starting to get low on space hence why I cannot have duplicate scenery files just now Thanks in advance for the help
  7. As the question says, If when using a symbolic link with scenery that is in my Orbx p3dv4 library should I get a green tick in Orbx central when the symbolic link sits in the Orbx p3dv5 library? I've tried an Orbx airport, and while it shows up in the sim,I have no green tick in Orbx central for the airport concerned. The airport is one of those that is compatable. Thanks
  8. Hi, As I have a fairly small ssd for my p3d v4 and 5 installs and I have my Orbx folder on the same drive with my Orbx scenery inside it. I thought I would have a tentative play with symbolic links. Although this is all very new to me I managed to create a symbolic link using the graphic option to create this link. It all seems to work ok as when I started p3dv5 it recognised the new scenery and asked if I want to enable it(which I did). However when I go to Orbx central and look at my P3dv5 installed software it does not have the small green circle beside the installed scenery, it is still in the uninstalled state Is this normal or any idea what I may be doing wrong. As I say this is the first time in trying symbolic links so it is quite possible i'm doing it wrong Thanks
  9. Hi, I think I already know the answer to this but will ask anyway. I have all my p3dv4 installation in the separate folder away from the main p3dv4 folder so I should be able to use Orbx central to install the software straight into P3dv5 without having 2 copies of the same scenery. However if I remember correctly Orbx global was required to go into the main p3d folder and not into a separate folder which I now believe is not the case. So am I correct in thinking that this is the only Orbx scenery that I will have to redownload and install into v5 and can now be installed outside the core sim? Also will this cause any issues with my v4 install as I still use this Thanks
  10. Hi all, I am pretty certain I've read how to do this somewhere but I cannot now find it. But I have most of the Orbx scenery installed on my pc for version 4 of P3d and have just purchased but as yet not installed P3dv5. As I plan on still using P3dv4 for a good while yet but also want to dip my toes into P3dv5 is it possible to have only one copy of my Orbx scenery installed on my computer but can be used in both sims? I do not really want to have duplicate scenery on my hard drives as space is getting a bit short if I can help it. If it is possible, can someone explain how in terms a numpty would understand thanks
  11. Hi, Not sure how to word this correctly so apologies if it is badly written. I noticed on my p3dv4.5 install that I had what looked like duplicate installations of LC for Europe and North America. I have recently done a complete removal and reinstall of everything in p3d and set all my Orbx scenery to be outside of the sim. When I noticed just yesterday, what looks like a duplicate of these LC. I deleted them through Orbx central which worked fine and the dupicates I think have gone or at least they now don't have a little 1 beside them, and in Orbx central the little green install circle is uncoloured. When I go into the Lockheed Martin Folder and scroll down to the Orbx folder I still have 6 folders named Config FTX_AU which has FTXAA_ORBXLIBS in it and this has a Scenery folder in that with 1 file FTX_NA which has a folder FTX_NA_PNW06_CVX in it and a scenery folder with 1 file in it FTX_OLC which has 3 folders OLC_AA, OLC_EU1, OLC_NA1 all 3 have scenery and texture folders in them the texture folders in these have several hundred files each . Scripts this has 3 folders and FTX Global Lights configurator User Documents has a versions folder with text docs for Global base pack, OLC_AA, OLC_EU1, OLC_NA1 So my problem is, I obviously want my LC products but can I simply cut and paste the Orbx folder that is currently in the Lockheed Martin folder to my new Orbx scenery folder that is outside of P3d or do I just select the folder and delete it and then reinstall from Orbx Central my LC areas? any help/advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope you can see what my problem is Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, This looks really good however there are several stands and ga parking that are missing from the airport also the hotel taxiways H5 and H6 are missing. The old runway is fenced off just after the 300 stands and the old runway is designated as the Mike taxiway. I'm an Engineer at the airport and these stands have been around for at least 9months cheers
  13. Hi, Is there any way to view the contents of an object.bgl file? I use UK2000 EGPH scenery and found a static aircraft that should not be there,as the position was not part of the gate. long story short is I tracked it down to the FTX_SCO_EGPH_objects.bgl file. By removing this file the aircraft disappeared. However, I just wondered what other items may be in this bgl file,that I may want to keep if possible to do that and remove stuff I don't Thanks
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