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  1. It's so great to see all age groups here! I've started with FS4 back in the day, and tried many different sims over the years, including Flight Unlimited II. And sometimes I wonder how far we gotten since those early days, it's amazing... Personally I am kind of a mixed bag, like Greg, I like GTA 5 for example, but sim flying is my all-time favourite thing. I think we can all be very grateful that we live in an age where we can enjoy our hobby in such level and detail
  2. I kindly disagree with this. I guess most Xplane users just probably buy a dedicated hard drive and fill it with with photoscenery for the whole USA or Europe, and yes, combined with Xplanes plausible world that looks amazing, there is still the question of airports. So while FTX regions would not be needed, individual airports would probably sell well (obviously the market share is nowhere near FSX/P3D). If I can guess here, Austin Meyer just simply pissed JV off, and that is a pity, because XP is finally getting there, and it's even more open towards modding than FSX, with tons of potential. Now, back to topic on DTG: the video does show some kind of editor, but if I catched it right, it is only a mission editor. Nevertheless it would be interesting to see a gameplay video. I guess the DTG sim would fit in somewhere between Aerofly and P3D, but it is a bit early to tell. I like the fresh interface and approach, and the better use of computing resources (these things are also present in Xplane as well).
  3. It's a pity that ORBX has abandoned developing for X-Plane 11 (I guess I know the reason). Anyway, the new Dovetail sim sound interesting. However, I'm afraid that it is going to have a closed structure, just like many mainstream games do. That means that you are not allowed to touch the files, see how things work, even making repaints. Since X-plane is quite the opposite to that, where you can edit every single aspect of the sim, I hope John will change his mind on the matter. On the Dovetail front, I'm interested to see what the guys manage to bring out of this hybrid engine. It's bound to be interesting.
  4. John, I take my hat off... You truly support your customer base, kudos for that!
  5. I'm happy that finally there will be a new flight sim where YOU GUYS can influence the creators. Golden age indeed.
  6. Hey Misha! I hope this new beauty won't set KHAF back too much I'm eagerly waiting for that airport! But this one looks very nice, too, happy that you are populating SCA!
  7. I'm not an expert, but it looks like your PC is overloaded (I don't think there is any error in the scenery or your installation). Turn off autogen and scenery buildings, and try it again. If you made any previous manual alterations to your fsx.cfg (probably not), then it might load the scenery in too slow. Hope that helps!
  8. ... or They are full reinstallers, containing every airport released so far. You can even see it on the filesize, it keeps growing.
  9. It would be easier to pick the top five, instead of picking just one Nevertheless, mine goes to #6 !
  10. Sunrise spotters at the magnificent Monument Valley. Good luck for everyone!
  11. Yes, FSX runs DX9 by default. If you decide to run it in DX10, you will LIKELY get a slight fps boost, somewhat better memory management - lesser chance of OOMs - and cockpit shadows. But as it has been said, DX10 mode is very buggy without the fixer.
  12. Great photo and you're welcome! Happy that things are working fine now! I hope you did manage to solve the stutter issue, too!
  13. A trial lesson is definetely on my bucket list You are right, nothing beats the real thing (but we still try... )
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