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  1. Great shot Martyn I remember flying in the Ansett Fokker Friendship to Sydney from Narrabri in the 70s.Loved that aircraft
  2. Flew the Air Tractor AT-802 around Bathurst. This aircraft is such a versatile plane being used for either cropdusting and waterbombing bushfires. Enjoy
  3. Great shots Martyn. If houses go up around the new neighbours won't be too happy with the talk of a V8 supercar track planning to be being built next to Wellcamp Airport.
  4. Fantastic shots Martyn I got the Airtourer last year and I love it.It compliments my Frat Bros Designs CT4B and CT4E.
  5. Great shots Jankees .That scheme brings back memories
  6. Awesome shots Dolf.Corsair is another one of my many favourite warbirds.
  7. Great set of shots Martyn.Made me kinda homesick for my old hometown of Bowen. I am hoping one day someone will give the Bowen airport a makeover for us flightsimmers ,
  8. Awesome shots Mitch. Love the first one
  9. Great shots Martyn.Just downloaded Dubbo,a great addition to us who love to fly around Oz
  10. Beautiful shots of a classic Splitpin
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