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  1. Is this a joke, or are you really that out of touch with reality? The tone of this message as a whole is so condescending its embarrassing.
  2. Great videos! Second video looks like a DC-6 I think. Definitely not a C-130.
  3. If you want to try something before spending money on another copy, shoot an email to microsoftflight@microsoft.com. I know its the support email for MS Flight and not FSX, but it should go to the same person, USN Saint who does the support for FSX, Flight and Age of Empires Online. He is very helpful and should be able to get you sorted out, he's helped me and a lot of other members in the multiplayer community I am a part of, definitely recommend giving him a shout before spending money on another license.
  4. Here is a youtube mirror for the many non-Americans here >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt_zoWSlwQQ
  5. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/77802-ftx-vector-115-update/
  6. I lock my frame rate because anything above 30fps in multiplayer will cause other traffic to jitter and stutter back and forth, which makes formation flying nearly impossible.
  7. I'm pretty sure they are the same developers, their websites/manuals/features are all identical and some Carenado files have the name Alabeo in them and vice-versa, so you can expect basically the same thing. They sure are pretty but if you're looking for realism, look elsewhere. You can literally hover in their SU-26
  8. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/53501-jvs-2013-enbseries-purple-haze/ http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/16948-hdremb-series-for-fsxfs9-explained-post-includes-download-manual/ http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/20084-johns-enb-series-ini-file/
  9. There is a sticky posted down in the Hints and Tips section http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/14988-removing-unwanted-aircraft-from-the-aircraft-selection-screen/
  10. Great shots A small note, the paint is for the OZx Goose, and not the default Goose. Keep that in mind before installing
  11. Yes http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/74842-orbxlibs-140302-for-fsxp3dv1/ http://www.fullterrain.com/support.html
  12. That is definitely the Alabeo Pitts... I just checked their website, and its hiding on the second page. From the main page, click "Our Fleet", then "Flight Simulator X" and at the top of that page above the aircraft you should see a "Back" and a "Next" button, click next and you will find the Pitts! Since you are in the market for a Pitts, might I also point you towards SibWings Pitts Special, which is another fantastic aircraft. http://www.sibwings.com/pitts.php
  13. Looks wonderful! Would you mind sharing where you got the interior repaint from? With the wood panelling? It looks fantastic!
  14. FTX Global is simply an add-on for FSX. It will replace the default textures with something more much nicer looking. You can try to the FTX Global demo for free, which can be found here http://www.fullterrain.com/product_ftxgiceland.html
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