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  1. Thank you triple seven for looking and commenting! Mr. Harris...the office!
  2. Thank you for looking and commenting! No, not with mouse but with the hat switch on my joystick! I have severe neck problems so I can't use TrackIR.
  3. Deleting keyboard assignments in FSX in no way affects other games or sims you enjoy! I enjoy the X universe myself!
  4. Quite a lot of detail in this shot! Well done!!!
  5. Inspired by Misha Cajic's video he posted a while back! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/81329-kagi-launumu/ Unlike Misha, I almost destroyed the plane uphill at Launumu! Hope you enjoy! << video removed by mods due to piracy by the OP >>
  6. Hey Mark, you know I'm going to say it... Awesome Sauce!!!
  7. I'd buy that stamp! Very cool indeed!
  8. Congrats Gerold! Very cool! Four Thousand More Please!
  9. That Northern Expedition is one cool ship! The 185 is getting long in the tooth but still a top five favorite! Very well done set!!!
  10. Very good set Karsten! Well done!
  11. Hey Jim, that would be to avoid flashing in Windows when changing views and can be done anytime. Another tip for the keyboard number pad is to get rid of all default FSX assignments so they do not conflict with your EZ number pad assignments! Personally I keep the differential breaks for certain tail draggers! An easy way to see what is assigned to a key or joystick button is in FSX/Controls/All Views pick a line that has NO key or button assignments, choose Add New Key/Joystick Assignment and a window will pop up telling you the key/button is clear to use...OR...what that key/button is assigned to! Saves a lot of time scrolling and maybe missing something!
  12. Shot number one is fantastic! Well done set!!!
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