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  1. My hometown. Phenomenal, outstanding, awsome, excellent job!!! Who developed it? Big kudos!
  2. Don’t know exactly what you mean with major stutters but if you refer to strong and sudden fluctuations between 40 and 60 FPS even in Paus mode than this might be caused by Actice Sky....
  3. Thank you Orbx Flyer! From your description above I now understand that you did an update not a full re-install, is this correct? Just asking because I can only update to 2004 with a full re-install apparently...Initially I thought you did a fresh install of Windows and my question if it is was referring to this scenario...
  4. Do I really need to download and reinstall everything from Orbx? isn’t it possible to store all Orbx files somewhere and than just put them back in the P3D folder where I have them installed currently or alternatively use the library function of Central and than just verify the files After a fresh P3D and Central install? I am asking because my internet connection is very slow and I don’t want to download all the stuff again... cheers Moritz
  5. Hi Nick, Unfortunately this is not working for me. So it seems I really need to install the SA Region. Usually I am checking your prerequisites very carefully and I can't remember seeing some sort of Information referring to the requirement of owning the SA Region as well. However I can see it now… Moritz
  6. Hello! Anybody here who can help out with this issue? Just installed the Base Pack into my P3DV5 and when I want to configure the scenery I get the message attached in the screenshot below. Thanks! Moritz
  7. Thanks Nick! You send me a free copy of SA?
  8. Hi there, I have an issue with PAJN. Please refer to the screenshot below. Orbx Libs are up to date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PAJN again. I don't have a global or region product from you installed except of NorCal which should no interfere with PAJN. Looking Forward to receiving your instructions! Rgds Moritz
  9. Hello! I have started to download TE Oregon HD but given my poor internet speed switched to the SD Version. I don't want to download 13 Hours. The SD dowloader is showing me a total download size of 47.77GB. This is the same size as the HD Version eventhough the SD Version is said to take only 1/4 of space compared to the HD Version. Is this correct or just an display issue within the new Orbx central tool? Rgds Moritz
  10. Hi Doug, Thanks for your help. I just figured out that I had to install the fsx Service packs in p3dv4.5. Now it is working. Strange thing... Thanks again Moritz
  11. Dear all, I am experiencing problems with the ORBX KSAN scenery and need your help. Unfortunately no jetways are being displayed. It is a completely new P3D V4.5 installation on a new PC. ORBX SoCal is installed as well. Unfortunately I can’t figure out the problem. I uninstalled and installed KSAN again but still don’t have any jetways. regards Moritz
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