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  1. I recently built a new rig and had the 270.61 WHQL drivers installed but was getting errors (D3D9.dll) exiting FSX. I read a post over at Avsim regarding this problem with the solution being to revert back to the previous 266.58 WHQL drivers however I saw these beta drivers and thought I'd give these a go first. Well, so far so good. I've had no more errors exiting FSX since I installed these.I can't say I've noticed any performance gains (nor did I expect too) but just having the exiting error resolved has made my day. Regards, Serge
  2. I was wondering this myself so I did a search through the CASA aircraft register but could not find any Duke Turbines so I assumed there weren't any in Australia. Regards, Serge
  3. While OZx does bias towards the smaller fields there are some gems in there which would suit a JS41 quite nicely. Examples are Burnie/Wynyard (YWYY) in Tassie, Townsville (YBTL), Mt Hotham (YHOT), Albany (YABA) plus a heap more I'm sure others can add. Also, you should install all of Ants airports as there are some more airports that suit JS41 and B737 ops such as Bundaberg (YBUD), Rockhampton (BRCK), Longreach (YLRE) and more. All of the above are free and the frame rates great so really it would be worth the effort. As for ORBX payware both Tamworth and Hervey bay would be my recommendations. Hope this helps out. Cheers, Serge
  4. Here is one I have come across on the web: http://fuel.aerotexas.com/ Not sure what you're flying but it cover's the big jets down to the smaller jets and some regional props also. Hope this helps out. Cheers, Serge
  5. G'day Bob, First, you will want to remove your Registration key from your post. You don't' want others to know this information. Just your order number is all the ORBX team require. Now to your questions. The wrong manual was an error by the developers and the correct one can be found here: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=17059.0 Regarding the Royal Aero Club, it should be there so it sounds like something has gone wrong with the installation or the scenery isn't activated correctly. I can only suggest installing it again however the developers may have a better solution. Regards, Serge
  6. G'day Frank, I assume you are referring to the Aerodrome and Procedure Charts in the DAP section of the Air Services website when you say you can't find the Caloundra chart. As Caloundra is a small Aerodrome it doesn't have this particular type of chart. You will need to go to the ESRA section to find information on this Aerodrome. Here is a link to the current ESRA section (you will need to scroll don the page): http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/aip.asp?pg=40&vdate=18-Nov-2010&ver=1 Here is a link to the current document for YCDR: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/ersa/FAC_YCDR_18-Nov-2010.pdf Hope this helps. Regards, Serge
  7. Thanks for this info. I had previously done something similar with the default BE58 and imported those settings in for my Realair Duke B60 but I wasn't terribly impressed so I assumed all the other default setups would be similar. I'll have to look further into this now. Cheers, Serge
  8. Very nice video. The plane is looking (and sounding) fantastic. I especially liked the metallic paint finish. I noticed in the video that you use EZdok camera. Would it be possible to include with the Lancair release some EZdok camera setups that EZdok users can import? I have recently purchased the EZdok add-on and while it is a great addition to the flight simming experience I find it very frustrating to get the effects right. The effect settings used in the video looked really nice. Looking forward to the release of this aircraft. Cheers, Serge
  9. Hi all, I purchased the EZdok camera utility yesterday and spent a fair amount of time trying to configure camera's for my Realair Duke. It was quite an overwhelming experience for me for not much result. In the end I gave up and decided to import the default BE58 camera's and then modify them. I'm still not happy with the result particularly when on the ground and the view is bouncing up and down what seems to be a ridiculous amount. I've search around for presets (I'm amazed that there isn't a library of them on the developers site) but have found none. Does anyone know if such a library exists? If not does anyone have a preset file they would be willing to share? While I'm at it I'm also looking for one for the PMDG JS41. Thanks, Serge
  10. Awesome work John & team. Off to Prepay. If you already have a previous version you would be crazy not to get this. It's cheaper than a feed at Macca's! Cheers, Serge
  11. Bugger, as a Sandgroper it was one I was kind of hoping for but not to worry, life goes on. Now looking forward to YSCB and YBCS. Regards, Serge
  12. It is now released. http://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/74L.html Cheers, Serge
  13. Once installed you push a button so Plan G creates a database from your existing FSX scenery library (which includes FTX data) and then you can also add extra navigation data such as OZx airstrips by downloading additional files from here: http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=6.0 If you read the documentation it should be pretty straightforward however feel free to ask any question if you run into trouble. Regards, Serge
  14. Fantastic paint Frank for a fantastic aircraft. Thanks for your efforts. Cheers, Serge
  15. It's a great bit of software and it's free so you have nothing to lose. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=588.0 You can download the zip file and there is a pdf manual in it you can read. You don't actually install the software, just unzip and run. Regards, Serge
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