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  1. Hi, After looking at your account, I can see you were subscribed (and did seem to receive emails like the May Partner Sale). Are there any particular discount emails you're missing? It's also worth noting that we sometimes do targeted discounts that are only added to specific user accounts.
  2. Hi Ticker, You can click and drag on the carousel to slide between products. Not very intuitive, I know. As Nick says, it's on the list to fix
  3. It's an update to Landmarks London City Pack - so will be free if you own it already
  4. Orbx receipts before the 1st of May contained the words "the total price includes GST for Australian customers." After the 1st of May, it contains a line item (similar to the rest of the world) that states the exact amount of GST. You can learn more on the ATO's Tax Invoices page. The "Receipt #1016-2726" you received was not from Orbx. It was an automated email from our payment processor, Stripe. You would have also received an email from Orbx titled "your Orbx order receipt" that contains the tax information you're looking for. Orbx has been paying GST (in AU) as required by law, and there are no changes to that. As of 1st May, everyone has an equal base price, with taxes from their respective countries charged at the checkout. On the 3rd of May at 05:05Z, we lowered all of our Orbx prices by ~1/11th to equalise the base prices for all customers, so now everyone is the same! All customers will see the sales taxes explicitly on their tax invoice. If you purchased an Orbx product between the 1st of May at 00:00Z (when the tax changes were introduced) and the 3rd of May at 05:05Z (when the prices were reduced ~1/11th), you should have already received a refund. If you have any questions or further comments on this matter, please submit a support ticket.
  5. It should (hopefully) be mentioned somewhere, but freeware Portland Cityscape is an antirequisite of TrueEarth US Oregon. You'll need to uninstall that to install TE Oregon.
  6. Upon reviewing this deeper, it appears there was a link in the one of the Central product carousels that linked to the XP11 version of RJAA instead of the MSFS version. This has now been resolved. Usually, like you mentioned, it's not possible to find products for another simulator in Central, except in very specific cases (being linked from the website, Central homepage, etc). Sorry again for the inconvenience here.
  7. Hi Louis, Those represent "tower" controllers on VATSIM. There is also "D" and "G" which represent clearance delivery and ground controllers respectively. If you wish to disable this, it's "VATSIM ATC Coverage" in the map settings:
  8. We have not stopped developing for X-Plane. More products are in the works
  9. Volanta doesn't inject traffic into the sim yet. It's designed to be used in conjunction with VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge instead of being a network of its own. We'll look into this. IVAO doesn't have easily accessible data available for their FIR/UIR boundaries (although we could pull this from WebEye). We'll get in touch with them. At the moment, flights are automatically ended shortly after you turn the engines off. I believe this would be more common than leaving the engines on when people are doing multiple hops? Either way, we can look into a better way to handle this. Are you referring to the landing challenges in Microsoft Flight Simulator? If so, we need to do some more work in that area.
  10. Very soon. We're inviting quite a few people every day, so it won't be long until everyone has access. The Navigraph integration allows you to see fixes, navaids, airways, etc in our map. You will still need the Navigraph Charts app to view the airport and procedure charts
  11. Hi all, We're reading all of the feedback. We've been busy in development We have a few users in the beta - they're already keeping us quite busy with feedback. More randomly selected users are added every few days. Once we're back in the office next year, we'll be adding far more people. Not at this stage, but it's something we'll consider after release. We already record airspeed, ambient wind, pitch, bank, heading and G force. Just not all are shown in the UI yet, but will note that down.
  12. Hi, Would you mind telling us what problems you're having with Orbx Central? We have tried our best to make it as simple as possible. We have a detailed user guide that may help too.
  13. Hi Pete, This is not released yet. We should definitely make that error message more descriptive! Expect to see REX Weather Force within the next few days.
  14. Hi, In Orbx Central, you can see the version number in the column on the right: It's worth noting that we can only update 3rd party products when they send us the files. Usually our turnaround time once we have the files is less than 48 hours, depending on complexity.
  15. Hi Jürgen, Please make a ticket for this: https://support.orbxdirect.com
  16. Good point - we actually do store this data (and had it shown on the aircraft list in our original announcement). We'll make sure to add that back. You can also see all of your aircraft locations on the map after clicking on Aircraft:
  17. Hi all, Your registrations have all been received - we're still working to get Volanta to you very soon. We've implemented some of the top requested features and simulators (including one mentioned a few posts above mine )
  18. I would recommend SimStarter too. If anyone still wants FSXGo, I've attached it here. FTXGo1016.exe
  19. There is already a poll that was created by another forum member just a few days ago:
  20. Please double check the email you're entering. The message shown to the user is the same whether the email exists in our system or not ("An e-mail has been sent with further instructions"). The email you're using for your forum account doesn't exist in our store database, so please try any other email addresses you use.
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