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    Either way it just seems like with the technology that the developers have these days that maybe a Flatten file or something would do the trick......honestly I can care less about the slope on the RWY, as far as I am concerned it makes no difference to me, I would much rather have a FLAT airport that blends in with the surroundings than an airport which is sticking out on a island pretty much is all I am saying.
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    Well after doing another re-install in a different order than what the manual said all is well on my end.  I debated on doing it for over two weeks and finally decided to break down and re-install everything from the ground up.  Happy to report all is well now and I am back in the swing of flying  The order I used was:



    FS Global Mesh


    Global Base


    EU LC



    Applying all necessary patches to each region as I did them and everything is well now.

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