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  1. I am happy to report that all the double building issues have been resolved. A bit weird, all the files named above by Matteo had the extension of "disabled by KSAN" after them which I did not put there, guessing something within the install when SCA and KSAN are both present. Crazy part is, removing that extension and just applying the default .OFF fixed the issue. The only other thing that is still present and I'm honestly not even concerned about it is the pretty ugly texture on the building in both of my post. It is the first picture in both, kind of a ugly texture being used there, not sure what happened with that but it looks horrible. I do not even know if that is related to KSAN or SCA but it looks pretty bad. Thanks again for the help all and glad we found a solution.
  2. Good day all, @Doug Sawatzky in my original post I did put that I uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery. In fact I actually did it twice with the same result both times. I too do not think it is a layering issue as it was not an issue before. I do not use any other San Diego products, nor have I ever so the only layering issue would have been within Orbx itself. Again, not sure what else to look at outside of the steps I already outlined in my original post. Good thing I do not fly into KSAN that often but when I do I would prefer it looks the way it is supposed to. Hope Matteo can shed some light on the cause.
  3. Yes, so the carrier issue is resolved, however the double buildings still remain as does the texture issue.
  4. Here are three more additional photos taken in SCA mode, as you can see does not change much. Main concern is the double buildings. In first photo, again just another view of those bad textures, also a few random trees in buildings which can also be seen in the first photo. Thank you all for any help you can give.
  5. Good day all. I decided to stop through KSAN this evening and look around. It has been quite some time since flying in this area. I immediately noticed a few things out of sorts. - Had double carriers in port for the Midway Museum -All kinds of double buildings throughout the city -Very bad textures near airport on a couple of buildings Went in and looked through the control panel, I did not see anything out of the norm. After a few test runs I decided to uninstall KSAN and Reinstall it. No change in scenery and all of the above mentioned remained in place. Tried searching the Orbx folder, seems all files related to San Diego are disabled with the following ending "disabled-by-KSAN" I tried switching the control panel back and forth between SCA and Global but the same remained for both selected. For the midway museum I tried using Nick's fix in another post of renaming the POI file to .off and that fixed the ship issue. What was weird about that is, that file also had the same ending as before mentioned "disabled-by-KSAN". Just looking for any assistance to find what is causing the blurred/crappy textures on a couple buildings and the double buildings through the city. I have attached a few photos to reference. The first three photos are in FTX mode. You can see the pretty ugly textures in the first photo, the other two photos were just showing some of the double buildings.
  6. A small price to pay for all the other things you get in v4. Lovely shots Martyn!
  7. I am going to go with Lincoln, Kansas or Garvin, Oklahoma
  8. Thanks gents, appreciate the comments.
  9. Should be exactly as Doug said. This is a classic view of what it looks like before you run the Vector AEC Tool. You should be able to find it in your main FSX/P3D Root folder in the ORBX/FTX_VECTOR folder path. Run the Elevation tool and you should be good to go.
  10. So, I have not posted many shots over the last few days, been doing some long haul flights. Here is an assorted variety of photos from my last few flights. Not too much ORBX in these photos outside of Global, Vector, Trees, a very short period over Innsbruck and Germany South. Enjoy. Landing at Julianna approaching Maho beach. After Saint Maarten we did a group flight up to Paris De-Gaulle (check out that moon) Final leg of the weekend went from Paris down to Dubai. Purposely took a route through Germany South and over Innsbruck. A beautiful day to fly in that region. Thank you all for viewing.
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