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  1. superb shot Howard, I love the Aerosoft PBY
  2. Thanks guys for your nice comments and John (lifejogger) might be right with his remark that there cannot be enough shots of Stewart. This scenery is so fantastic, it is almost unbelievable. Bruce, John (fiftysix) is right, these are bug splats. You get them, when flying this aircraft. That is why the Do 27 is for me still one of the most realistic aircrafts for FSX (although she is originally a FS9 plane). If you don`t treat her like in real life, she will quit on you and you need a mechanic to fix her up again. This guy takes his time, as he has lunch breaks and occasionally has to answer a phone call from his mother. So while he services your plane, take your time and have a cup of tea. And yes, he will also clean your windshield :
  3. I have neglected the old girl for quite some time and while she has been patiently waiting for me, I have tried to get sufficient funds to pay for her engine`s overhaul But now in the first days of spring here at Stewart I was able to move her into this large hangar to have her engine taken out and the worn parts replaced. I guess I am now broke again, but who cares, she is in flying condition again I just pick up a few tools, while she sits outside. I know, she cant wait to get airborn, Neither can I, my babe, neither can I We throw quite some smoke during start up, but that`s normal after the overhaul The engine has warmed up and we are ready for our first flight. Weather is fine and we are both in a terrific mood On the duty runway and cleared for take off At 45 knots she does not just lift her tail, she gets airborn Somebody needs to fix the roof of that hangar bevor the next winter season starts again. It`s leaking like crazy My Do keeps a steady 60 knots on climb out and I reduce prop rpm to below 3,200 rpms before she gives me hell and quits on me. I don’t need that again. Aaaah, what a great place to be, when the weather plays along. I just made a turn, which is not so easy here, because the surrounding mountains don’t leave much room for that . Let’s explore a bit of the other side of Stewart, before we call it a day, I don’t want to stress her too much on her first outing after the engine overhaul And we have made a turn again and head now home. It’s Sunday, so you don’t see much traffic today on that road leading to Stewart On short final It’s a walk in the park with almost no wind Ok, let’s check the engine now again, but she behaved flawlessly. Anyone here to have a drink with me
  4. I love your "quickie", Howard. You can almost sell it for real!
  5. If this goes on like that, one day we can shoot pics in FSX (or P3D as a matter of fact), send them to our friends and they will believe us that we really have been there. I love your pictures, work of art!!
  6. You beat me too it, hehehe. I had the same idea, now I have to think of something else. : Superb shots btw
  7. Terrific stuff Mr. Uhu Fledermaus!! Do you use Rex 2.0? Bernd
  8. Hi my dear friend, long time no hear. This ain`t Norway, right?
  9. superb shots. Is that the default Beaver with A2A lights :
  10. Great shots Misha. The Moth is a bit slow in real life, how did she behave with you around all those mountains?
  11. As Waco said, also for me the last one is the best
  12. Great, Iain, I love our first shot
  13. Superb shots Pilotjohn, what weather engine did you use?
  14. Yeah, I am doing great my friend, no worries. It`s been a while indeed : I guess, as I wasn`t too active here the last year, someone stripped my of all my 500 plus posts, so I start as a freshman again, but that`s fine with me.
  15. Great shots mate. If I put my Rex clouds in high gear, I get a slide show with my medium end computer specs. :mellow: I hope this will improve with Prepar3D
  16. I got her about a year ago in a similar good deal. She is indeed one of the best planes Aerosoft has launched so far. Not very far from A2A quality. Treat her with respect and knowledge, otherwise she`ll quit on you
  17. Perfect, but I also see the last one as my favourite! Stunning!!!
  18. Beautiful!!! Is that Rex 2.0 you have for your clouds, Iain?
  19. Great pics, Iain, and those Tundra tires (or shall I say "tyres") sure mean business
  20. If this is from your recycle bin MitchE, I'd like to see one that you consider a good one :
  21. Congrats to 2 really superb pictures. Do you use REX or anything like that or is that the ORBX weather system?
  22. Thanks guys that you liked my screenies and thanks to FTX for giving us such a fantastic scenery. And yes the airplane is a sheer joy to fly. Very realistic behavior too, meaning if you don`t treat her as intended, she will quit on you. >
  23. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that they have a Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun in their museum in Tauranga. This is a very special plane that was built between 1934 and 1945 as a 4-seater reconnaissance and early executive plane. Its weight of 880kg and 240hp Argus AS10 made her a pretty outstanding little plane for her time, which even Charles Lindbergh loved to fly. I always wanted to fly a vintage plane in beautiful NZ, so last week I sneaked into the museum`s hangar and had the Me108 secretly moved from Tauranga on the North Island to Glenorchy on the South Island. From there I planned to fly, weather permitting, North East to visit a friend at Milford Sound. Getting ready for take off Isn`t that my buddy there waving at me? Christ, how did he know? Turning North East over beautiful Lake Wakatipu As we are filled to the brim with superb Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and the weather forecast is favorable, we decide not to push the envelope and fly through instead of above the mountains. In the distance one can see Lake Mckerrow Milford Sound airport dead ahead Landing approach in suicide-style ':lol:'. But as our speed indicator is already way off the charts, I decide to take it slow and make a turn around Gosh, what a fantastic surrounding!! Hmmmh... seems to be a bit crowded here and a bit tight too Never mind, we`ll stay overnight and live off our supplies
  24. Thanks guys, i am glad that you liked them and box car you are right, in the first picture it is indeed difficult to spot the wings
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