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  1. Born in Glasgow, Montana Raised on a ranch/farm in Opheim, Montana Texas Oklahoma Washington state Vicenza, Italy RAF Feltwell, UK South Korea New York Idaho (present) Have traveled to many places, i.e., Scotland, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Japan, just about every state in the US. and more. Rod
  2. Friends, I've been away for quite some time, and just found out about Neil. Neil was a great person, and taught me a lot in scenery creation. Three years ago I went to Anacortes, Washington for a flying club barbeque and stopped by Neil's house, had coffee, showed me his computer setup and gave me more pointers on creating scenery. He was very talented in scenery creation. Neil contacted me early last year and was wanting to know if and when I was going to get back into scenery creation as he knew I hadn't created any for awhile. That was very nice as we didn't know each that well. He will definitely be missed in the flightsim community. Will miss his friendship and his outstanding scenery creations. Rod Post Falls, ID
  3. All right everyone, I just checked everything out at KORD. I no longer have the issue(s). I went into Vector Config, unchecked Railways. Re-started P3D, no issues...looks good. Exited P3D, went to Vector Config, "checked" Railways, re-started P3d, and again no issues. By the way, I pressed the "Apply" button every time. I guess I had some gremlins the other night. Maybe they were just upset because of the long flight into Chicago, bad food, service, or something, I don't know...ha. Anyways, thanks for the assistance. Be Safe all, Rod
  4. Thanks a million everyone, Yeah, I'll investigate more and see what's going on. I appreciate you all looking into this as I've never had this anomaly before. Jeff, great idea. May be the culprit. I'll experiment with the configurations within Vector and see what happens. I'll report back any findings. Thanks again. Rod
  5. Hi Jeff, I have no addon mesh. Just using the Orbx scenery as stated. Thanks for any assistance. Rod
  6. Hi everyone, I just flew into KORD onto Rwy 14L and noticed a canyon which extends a couple of miles north of the airport. Also, I noticed floating buildings in the same area. I've flown in and out of KORD a few times and never noticed this before. However, I might've landed/taken off on runways which I wouldn't notice the issue. I have the following installed: FTX Global, OpenLC NA, FTX Global Vector, FTX Global Trees HD, along with a couple of regions (which should have nothing to do with that area) and Object Flow 2 Beta Running P3Dv4.1. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Rod
  7. I started with the same FS, computer, and also A&SD Larry. It's amazing how the simulator world has developed. I wonder what it's going to be in another 25 - 30 years. I hope I'm still around to see it. I also had a lot of these books. https://www.flightsimbooks.com/ .
  8. Sorry about that everyone. I'm the creator of M75 (Malta, MT) and KHVR. I sure did put the hold short lines in backwards. I'll get to those as soon as I can. Safe Flyin' Rod
  9. How'd you get my picture? 6 years as a 1SG, and 8 years as a CSM. Rod CSM (Retired)
  10. Hi Rick, As the creator of the freeware KEDC, I checked it, and I evidently did not place any parking in the scenery. To everyone, I apologize. I will add parking and send out an update when we send out the next freeware pack. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Rick. I also sent you a PM. Rod
  11. Hi Rixster, and Merry Christmas to all. Do you have any FTX Global Freeware airports installed (like KSHR)? And if you do, do you have FTX Global Freeware Pack 19 installed? I had created a fix for KSHR, and it's in Pack 19. When I created KSHR, which was included in Pack 17, I didn't have AEC disabled. I hope installing Pack 19 resolves the issue at KSHR. Not sure what is wrong at KTHP as I haven't flown there. Rod Beck
  12. Hi Peter, What Neil stated in Post #4, and as Ematheson stated in Post #5 are the reasons I created 7I7 along with KEDJ. Since 7I7 is closed in real life, and is so close to KEDJ, I thought to do both airports for FSX for more realism. Nick, thanks for the compliment, and you're welcome. Happy and Safe Flying, Take Care Rod
  13. That picture shows the FSX default of KSGS, South St. Paul, MN. I had redone that airport, which is included in FTX Global Freeware Airports NA Pack 18, and changed some textures around the airport and close to the river. As Neil stated, we do try to change the textures as much as we can for a more real world look. Rod
  14. Hi Everyone......Sorry for the mess up, as KSHR was ready to go with Pack 18, however, I had a brain cramp, and didn't send it off with the others. The fix will be in the next pack. Again, I apologize.... Rod
  15. I'll have KSHR corrected and will send out in the next group. Fixing the elevation(s) issue and adding parking spots. Rod
  16. Limri, FTX Global and FTX Central are two separate programs. I have the same version of FTX Central as you, but I have FTX Global v1.20 installed. Once you open FTX Central, go to Tools, then Reports, and click on FTX Products Installed, and you will see the versions of all FTX addons on your system. Hope this helps. Rod
  17. Hi Jeff, Thanks for getting back with me this soon. Sorry, I re-read your post and noticed you don't have Vector. And you're correct, you wouldn't have the Config Tool if you don't have FTX Vector. I'm going to ask some experts (devs) I know and let you know what I find out. Of course, someone might jump in here and give both of us the solution soon. I'd sure like to know the reason for this also. I know another person who checked KSHR and it was fine on his system. I'm sure Larry will get rid of the bush. All he needs is a good chain saw, and it should be gone in no time...ha. Thanks for checking KSWI. The reason I asked is in your original post you stated an issue there, but I think you meant KSHR. Thanks again, and Safe Flyin' Rod
  18. Hi Jeff, I just went to KEDC and I also saw textures morphing so I'll have to go back in and see what's happening. Thanks for pointing this out. As for Sheridan Co, KSHR, ensure that AEC is enabled, not disabled. I loaded FSX, went to KSHR, and it looked normal. I then shut down FSX, disabled the AEC in the Vector Configuration Tool, and saw exactly what you see. Would you check your AEC settings and let me know? Are there issues with KSWI? Thanks again, Safe Flyin' Rod Beck
  19. Not to bud in on Alex's turf, Rob.....The libraries Alex is mentioning are not patches. Go here http://www.fullterrain.com/support.html, then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "Obx Libraries 140601" for each, FSX/P3Dv1.x and P3Dv2.x. Download and install the libraries for your sim. Hopefully this helps. Safe Flyin' Rod
  20. Jack..... I'm not able to open pdf files through FTX Central either, however, I can still open the files if I go straight to the file. Go to your FSX directory, then to the ORBX directory. You should then see another directory called User Documents. Try to open it straight from there. What I've done is created a desktop shortcut to my Orbx Pdf files. Rod
  21. Originally from a very small town in Montana (S00), retired in northern Idaho. Took flying lessons and received my PPL at Spokane Felts Field (KSFF). Haven't flown for years....now just flying on FSX....and a lot I may add. Rod
  22. I've been flying the PMDG 737-800/900 NGX with no problems. Hope you get it to work, because I know how frustrating it is. Safe Flyin' Rod
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