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  1. Hello, My name is Greg, and I am a would-be "customer" of ORBX's beautiful looking PNW. I stumbled across the product a while back, on fspilotshop.com. However, I had just purchased something else with the retailer, which is the only one that I can seem to get VISA to allow to accept payments from their pre-paid gift cards. Apparently they enacted some sort of policy recently that doesn't allow their giftcards to be used to make online purchases that go to companies outside of the US. I am now in a huge dilemna as I got a pre-paid giftcard with just enough to buy PNW, and upon returning to fspilotshop I noticed that it was gone... :/ Searching on the FTX website I notice that only flightsimstore is the retailer, and unfortunately I cannot purchase from there as it seems they are based in Australia, which VISA won't allow me to make payments to.. Is there ANY possibility that I can get some help with this? Are there any ways for a copy to be sold through fspilotshop still? If not, I guess I will just have to give up hope on PNW for now. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I'm at a loss for now. Thanks, Greg
  2. All right, thanks for the help! Either way I'll still probably be getting PNW soon because I've had about 10 people recommend it to me so far! thanks again
  3. I was just wondering, in the description for the PNW scenery package it mentions " Over 400 airports in the region have been upgraded with custom buildings and objects, elevations, and other details." Although I have tried searching for Youtube videos to see just how PNW also upgrades these airports, the videos I have found are also using other ORBX scenery addons, so I'm assuming that the "400 airports" that are mentioned upgraded by PNW are not to the same standards as the other payware airports ORBX has released. What I'm wondering is if anyone can post some screenshots in here showing how airports are upgraded just by PNW? Thanks!
  4. It's a bit secluded from most of the areas I've heard mentioned here.. but Gaston's Resort (3M0) in Lakeview, Arkansas. A nice, scenic little strip in the Ozarks vicinity that could definitely use a decent payware alternative to the FSX default, as I've yet to be able to find any alternative (freeware or payware). So it's a sad situation.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right place to do something like this or if ORBX even really does this, but would you ever consider doing a scenery area around the Ozarks in MO and AR? There's some pretty interesting little airstrips in that area. One of my favorites is Gaston's Resort (3M0) where I have flown into before and has a great view and interesting approach. Right along the river, spectacular scenery and a good ole dogleg approach onto the runway! Just an interesting suggestion, if you ever have time to take on a project of a little strip in the Ozarks (if you even do that kind of thing) Have a good one!
  6. Ok, so I've just downloaded the BOB utility from your freeware page, and I ran the installer and installed BOB. I turned on FSX and selected BOB as my aircraft, and took him and spawned him at TNCM. I started to walk around but to my dismay there was no footstep sounds or anything. I thought it might just be the airport so I moved him to various other airports with no luck. I re-started FSX and still no help, re-selected BOB once more, and same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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