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  1. Ah.. You have to remember they are half of our population. No really our Aussie girls have always been brilliant.
  2. Hiya A furphy is also now a beer from NSW but yep telling a furphy is the phrase I always think of. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_878604/furphy-refreshing-ale-bottles-375ml
  3. Hi I have bought a lot of scenery in the past. To put it rather politely I would rather pay once for a product or maybe for an update than lose everything if I could not pay for a month. I have been with Orbx since they were dividing Australia into areas and would not like to se a monthly subscription.
  4. Hotfix has arrived but looks like a full install is needed. There are some interesting areas looked at in the list of fixes
  5. Aussies have been behind the 8 ball with their attitude for the past few weeks. Im an electrician and is amazing how many people I have talked to who still do not believe the virus will come here. I the past week the authorities allowed 2700 people to disembark from the cruise liner in Sydney with 150 known cases of different illnesses on board and before the virus tests came back deciding they were a low chance of having the virus. The government has been telling the people not to hoard food but put no form of countermeasures to stop it. Bondi was just a good example of the old Aussie feeling of "she'll be right mate". We now have states closing the borders and NSW having 50% of the corona-virus cases in the country. Our govt is doing a good job and hopefully now they have stopped the knee jerk reaction and are planning ahead more clearly. I hope everyone will keep in good health and cheer and remember it can or is happening here as it is everywhere. Ken
  6. Hi Gumby I have been using it for a while with no problems. Have you downloaded the "auto updater" program for this as it makes everything much easier. Maybe that is the device they were reffering to. https://simelite.com/timezonefixerautomaticupdate.php Ken
  7. Hi Here is another program for your time zones, it is updated regularly through the year and is a one step and forget program. I find it execellent Sim Elite Time Zone Fixer https://simelite.com/timeZoneFixer.php Ken
  8. Its great to hear that the CityScape's will be following later. You are making a fantastic area to fly in even better. Thankyou for all your hard work and effort. Ken
  9. Brilliant work everybody and kudos to you all. I have purchased every iteration of Australia that you have made and this will be another one on first day of release. Just as a side note Im from Adelaide and am thrilled with the screen shots shown, also its a very rare thing indeed for Sydney not to be on the top of the list since we all know that Australia is really only Melbourne and Sydney to most of the world.
  10. Hi I have just finished a clean a clean install of P3dv4.2. I have noticed that a few of your manual downloads are out of date and so cannot use them. These downloads are ENJA Jan Mayensfield download is v1.1 not 1.2 Eo49 ,CAG8 and CAX6 also have problems. I use IDM for my downloads, these are the only files I have trouble with and have downloaded them numerous times in the last 2 days. The files download fine but are older versions so FTX then tries to install by downloading itself. When FTX downloads the files for install it can take up 4 hours for CAG8 at 21KB/s to download were IDM will do the download in 20 minutes. NA Airport pack was also incorrect but I did do this one through FTX. Is it possible to have these 5 files checked at your end to see if the correct ones can be loaded. Thanks Ken Ennis
  11. Hi If Terra Flora is used it only covers areas without specially placed flora the same as Rex HD airport buildings. So if you are using Orbx Australia for example that has its own trees from Orbx you will see them. There are quite a few examples in Utube that show this already. Whateveris decided you will have the best of both programes. Ken
  12. Hi I have been flying orbx since Aus first started in its coloured sections. In fact I still fly 80 percent of the time in Australia. I am glad to hear that there will be an upgrade coming but still find it strange to hear people asking for the same airports over and over. We have a fair number of good Aussie capital city Airports, some of which have already been updated, Melbourne being a good example of this. As far as Adelaide YPAD and Sydney YSSY there are already extremely good versions of these from other companies that sit quite nicely with Orbx. If you look at the layout of Australia and where the airports have been done they are mostly on the Eastern seafront which is again is understandable when you look at the Aus population. A small plea surprise surprise would be Parafield aerodrome in SA, there are only 2 major airports in South Australia and 1 YPAD has been done by someone else. Even if not Parafield then some of the other airports in other areas as yet untouched by Orbx throughout the country . One other main point is that Australia has also been extremely lucky with its smaller strips thanks to Ozx. Its only the medium size airports that seem to be missing. Orbx you have done a great job and will keep on doing it. Lets face it you only have the whole world to choose from so full Kudos from me. Ken
  13. I have just taken a trip down memory lane,, 6 years later and the TQ6 is one of the best purchases I have made. Ken
  14. Jack Global Ultimate mesh uses 101 GB (109,103,682,923 bytes) Ken
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