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  1. No just Terry and me! Thank you all for your kind words Mag
  2. A little flyover with my friend Terry from Honolulu City. Prepar3D V5 // FTX Honolulu
  3. Right before they took away my license.
  4. Thank you Jack and the others
  5. That surprised me too. I thought maybe we were out of season... This scene is really very successful Thank you all for your comments
  6. Hi Jack You're taking off from Anfa airport, which was called before Camp Cazes. Today it no longer exists, transformed into a building complex. Mag
  7. Hi Jack Benslimane Airport is reserved for the Moroccan Air Force, the Navy and the Royal Air Maroc. It's not a public airport. But you've got Mohammed V near Casablanca or Tit Melil, which is a flying club... Good shots
  8. 65B Boulder City is a very nice tourist airport on the shores of Lake Meed near Vegas and the Grand Canyon, so it is very well located.
  9. As Neptune puts it Thank guys for all comments Best regards Patrick
  10. Confined like the rest of the planet I'm flying and I dream that the damn virus is back home in the Titanic's holds, deep down in the abyss. NSTU Pago pago, a fantastic scene
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