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  1. Followed your instructions, all went fine now, Central updated to latest version! Thanks for help! = Problem resolved
  2. Thanks for reply, will try now and report
  3. Starting Orbx central stuck on update I guess, got an install window but seems to be stuck now for more than 30 min. Should I wait or try something? Thanks in advance Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  4. Thanks for the nice comments, Wich settings would you like to know P3D4? Rex SF and EF used with sim @Swissdani Great to hear you again Ebo, been a while indeed. Thanks for the nice comments and stay safe! Thanks a lot for your kind words, much appreciated. Thanks for kind comments, still P3D4.5 my friend ;)
  5. Traveling the elegant way Wayne, great shots!
  6. Nice livery indeed and very nice shots!
  7. Thanks a lot for your kind words friends, they're much appreciated.
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