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  1. Purchased v5 last night; installed and ran it several times but no drop down on Orbx Central for P3d v5. Already opted into fast lane, tried "Sync Simulator" but no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?
  2. ....particularly on a developer's own forum which could be taken to represent an official viewpoint.
  3. You should never download any no cd patch or crack unless you are absolutely certain the website is safe and certainly not from "gaming sites". They are one of the most well known methods for distributing malware.
  4. Do a search for xOrganiser in YouTube. There are plenty to choose from.
  5. It is telling you that there are various entries in your scenery_packs.ini which it has not categorised and you therefore need to move them. Open up the "tree" and just drop the entries into the correct boxes using the established order. This is explained in detail here (https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/442579-understanding-scenery-order/) and in numerous other places. Once you have done that you can then use the "preview" button to ensure that all is correct. You also need to ensure that auto save (top left) is clicked "on" otherwise what you do will be undone as soon as you exit. I have a feeling that many people aren't setting this, hence the problems. You might wish to look at this excellent overview video.
  6. Nonsense. I have always used XOrganiser for manipulating my scenery_packs.ini, did so with the Orbx files, and it saves them without problem. It doesn't necessarily put everything in the correct order but it makes moving the entries around so much easier. Instead of cutting and pasting it is simply a question of moving an entry from one box to another. Then, so long as autosave at the top is "on", it writes it to the file. And I would have thought that a red bar telling you there are incorrect entries would actually be helpful so you don't waste time firing up the sim. Then you just ensure everything follows the correct order as Admiralty013 states....it's hardly rocket science!
  7. There already is one, xOrganizer, and it's been referenced many times already. It would solve virtually all the problems with the scenery.ini that people seem to be having.....
  8. Looking at the specs I think a GT 630M will seriously struggle with X-P11. You are better off downloading the demo first and giving that a try.
  9. If you mean the verify integrity check then it will replace your textures with default.
  10. You probably just need to run the sim once.
  11. Simply make a copy of the file; call it “backup” or whatever. Then, should your working file be re-ordered it is a simple matter to copy and paste the correct entries over.
  12. In terms of scenery for me there are two essentials....the new X-Europe from SimHeaven and orthos. The latter you can either create for yourself or there are places such as ZonePhoto where you can download ready created ones. All entirely free, of course; the only issue you are likely to run into is having a big enough drive to store everything. I would also recommend that you back up your scenery_packs.ini file (in the Custom Scenery folder) each time you add a new entry to it. Saves a great deal of frustration and expletives when you find that running the sim has re-ordered it!
  13. Look in the "Steam Add Ons Forum" on FSX Steam Edition; there is a thread in respect of this add on.
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