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  1. We paid for these addons, yet this thread has to exist. I think we have all been more than patient. Also not all of us are moving over to MSFS so P3Dv5 is very much relevant.
  2. I have the exact same issue as the pictures posted above. All files were correctly disabled but the problem of default airport remains.
  3. Any update on this or did we just simply give up over at Orbx?
  4. He is not wrong. For example, I have to continually adjust scenery order of other 3rd party scenery above Orbx scenery otherwise i get texture morphing and other undesirable effects. FlyTampa Las Vegas is an example of scenery that must be layered above Orbx, an it is installed via xml method. Also Orbx insertion tool is broken ever since v5. The drop down within the tool does not fully represent what I see in the scenery library within P3D. The order of scenery does not match, so using the insertion tool is unreliable. When I use to insertion tool, I get completely different results in the scenery library, forcing me to use Lorby Addon Organizer to clean up the mess, and not touch the insertion tool again. After a P3D update and first startup, Orbx scenery will reload into the addon library, I have to manually reorganize everything. It's very asinine. Never had these issue in v4. I can't be the only one experiencing this with the insertion tool.
  5. I had it loading up and running fine with my 2080 with 8GB. What video card do you have?
  6. Found the solution to my problem. I had to take the original DarkGravelRoof.dds from the Orbx\Scripts\BuildingsHD\Backup folder and replace it in the P3D\texture folder. Now I'm back to default gravely roof. Certainly better than waffle.
  7. The waffle cone looks great with my fresh install of Orbx Honolulu! In all seriousness, I tried disabling DarKGravelRoof.dds in the Orbx scripts folder, but the waffle was still there. I also tried the zip Bert Pieke uploaded, which you can see in the pic. Not only is the waffle still there but bigger. Not good. Why can't we get a proper fix for this?
  8. Yeah, I guess I won't be buying any more Orbx if we are limited to Central 4. I'm in the process of re-downloading and installing all my Orbx scenery with Central 3. I spent over an hour clearing out P3D root of any Orbx files so I can start over clean. Everything was great in Central 3 and there was no reason to go through this.
  9. Yeah, I'm out too. Wasting time cleaning up my P3D and reverting back to Central 3. Central 4 made a mess of my library, and shortly thereafter discovered a myriad of elevation issues everywhere including Whangeraei and Gisborne with AUSv2, never having had a problem there before. Also P3D startup is way too slow with the xml method. Liked the new layout but...no.
  10. Well now I know Envtex amends shaders. As an end user, I guess I'm supposed to know that a completely unrelated addon, whether it amends shaders or not, is causing Orbx Hammerfest buildings to disappear. Anyhow, kudos to Toga Projects for identifying a bug in the P3D code and their ability to circumvent it for now.
  11. UPDATE: So it turns out Toga Projects Envtex was causing buildings in Norway to disappear because of auroras. Don't ask me how. There is a several threads in the Envtex forum about FTX Norway buildings disappearing because of it. SOLUTION: Update Envtex to latest version 1.2.1. Problem solved.
  12. I should also add, I am NOT using Nvidia Inspector to alter profiles, and Nvidia CP is at default. BTW, I do not have any software that amends shaders.
  13. I should also add, I am NOT using Nvidia Inspector to alter profiles, and Nvidia CP is at default.
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