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  1. I had orbx PNW Demo installed. Removed that and that seems to have solved the problem.
  2. Actually now that you mention it, why don't I see OpenLC NA in the list?
  3. Yes seems to be localized. Seattle for me. Numerous places all in one region. Only addon I have in terms of scenery is FreeMesh. All looks okay on the Troubleshooter. Orbx Migration Troubleshooter ==================================== REGIONS Australia NOT INSTALLED Central Rocky Mountains NOT INSTALLED England NOT INSTALLED FTX Global MIGRATED CORRECTLY Ireland NOT INSTALLED Northern California NOT INSTALLED Northern Ireland NOT INSTALLED Norway NOT INSTALLED Northern Rocky Mountains NOT INSTALLED New Zealand North Island NOT INSTALLED New Zealand South Island NOT INSTALLED FTX Global openLC Europe MIGRATED CORRECTLY Pacific Fjords NOT INSTALLED Pacific Northwest NOT INSTALLED Southern Alaska NOT INSTALLED Southern California NOT INSTALLED Scotland NOT INSTALLED Wales NOT INSTALLED ==================================== All region files exist. All files valid, MD5 hashes checked.
  4. Tried uninstalling NA LC with the uninstall button in FTX Central and then reinstalled. Still getting the strange textures. Any other suggestions? Full re-install?
  5. I do. Just by deleting the na lc. txt file? Tried that. Did not help. Will try again.
  6. Hi, seeing this near Seattle. Tried reinstalling NA LC and OrbxLibx but didn't help. Also running Vector.
  7. That did it. Did I miss it in the manual somewhere?
  8. Hi, I'm getting strange texture problems using FTX Global + Vector. Please see images below. There seems to be a texture missing and the stream is also missing some stream textures in between. Here I'm flying out of Delta Air Park, CAK3 in Canada. Running Prepar3D V4 with ChasePlane + ORBX Global + ORBX Vector + North America LC. I don't see order number for NA LC as I purchased it through ORBX Direct. Order numbers for Global and Vector: FSS0375188 348574
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