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  1. Thanks Larry. I like the improved Kenora, as all the NWO regions that are done.
  2. Asking again for your consideration for CYAG in NW Ontario, and CYHD, Dryden Regional. They certainly would help round out the area a lot.
  3. Hi there. You might want to browse through the 3 pages of this thread;
  4. PAOR Northway in AK looks to be a bit of a mess with water from the rivers/lakes sloping up into the airport building areas and all about the runway at various spots. I suppose it might not seem too bad with frozen water chosen for the winter, but I avoid that option because of the "tree problem" created at other airports.
  5. With vector and LC, the FTX freeware CYVQ is showing trees on the SE tarmac. Also there are a swath of trees south of the airport showing up along the north shore of the river adjacent to the east and west approaches. BTW, excellent work on the airports I've encountered "up north".
  6. Well, don't I feel foolish !!! Your instructions were clear and they worked perfectly. Previously I had renamed the wrong files, hence my frustrations. Thank you Nick for your patience in helping.
  7. Maybe I misunderstood, but wasn't Springbank included in an FTX freeware airport package for FTG? Nonetheless, I am experiencing the same multiple runway signs, including on the runway and aprons as did the others when I did a search here for the problem. I followed the instructions re: naming FTG bgl's to "OFF" but FSX asked me to delete or rename a whole pile of other files (as though maybe the hierarchy order was wrong.) I couldn't readily identify some of the files so I reverted back just to keep my sanity. I'm not very good at focussing at length on a problem, so I'm looking for something simple, or a walk through approach.
  8. I've read all the posts, I think, on the double runway markers conflict between FTX_NRM and the FTX Global additional airports. Renaming files and deleting things doesn't cut it for me. Is there going to be a permanent one time fix for this issue, or at least a one-click temporary repair? Cheers Larry
  9. They're talking about the airport in the freeware packs, and CYQT, how well much better it is than default.
  10. Same problem here, but reading on a wee bit about whether you previously installed Global or not,, I deduced they must have meant FTX Global. Obviously Oceania and North America would be your Orbx regions. I agree, not a very comprehensive Readme! Everything seemed fine after the install.
  11. If you go up to the "Release Announcements" thread here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/85467-ftx-global-130-released/ you should get sorted out. I had similar problems but got it straightened around eventually with the tips in that thread.
  12. Hi Gerald, Disable CYXY in the FTX Vector Configurator and save. That should do it!
  13. Thanks Holger! The updates are great, and every time I eventually re-visit the old haunts in my cross country amblings, I tend to notice lots of improvements and additions. Today I saw people-flow baggage handlers at CYXS Prince George loading an old Air Canada Jazz DHC-8 in their inevitable style of letting the bags drop off the end of the ramp. Very amusing! I think too that the paint scheme is probably outdated now, though that's what made me initially take notice. Great work by all the crew!
  14. I had asked many months ago but it must have been missed through time. There is a white passenger van at the SW corner of the terminal building at Terrace BC, and it has an unsightly graphics anomaly on the front windshield. Perhaps this can be replaced in the next update. Thanks in advance.
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