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  1. I hope Orbx tells us more about the status of KRDD for P3Dv5. I have been waiting more than four months for an answer from them about it. KRDD is a gem and includes a USFS tanker base, the v4 version looked great. I hope KRDD v5 comes along before the next fire season LOL.
  2. Is there any news of bringing KRDD to v5? I really liked the USFS tanker base that was in v4. I'd be thrilled to have an updated version of that airport for v5.1
  3. Hi, Is there a way to remove these double Orbx weather options in P3D v5? Also, when I choose any of them, the weather that does load (based on the Orbx weather option selected) doesn't look at all like the description for the weather selection. (these are all good in v4 though). Cheers Greg
  4. Hi Nick and John, With your guidance I have found that I have duplicate Orbx files for my AI aircraft files.. one set was in the P3d aircraft folders, the other set is in my Orbx libraries that are located outside of the p3d files .I delete the inside folders, and all is working. Thankyou.
  5. Thus, I've kindly requested Orbx folks to trouble shoot this. I hope hear from them. What other places could the Orbx aircraft folders be automatically stored?
  6. Hi John, I've done that exact thing you suggest many, many times. Same result is that when I install the AI traffic, I have to click every "close" on every single FTX aircraft and livery before I even get to run P3D.
  7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my Ai traffic many times in unsuccessful attempt to solve this problem. I need you help and solution. Here's the problem... every time I run P3D v4.5 I have to click "close" about 800 times before I get to run my sim. Sim thinks I have duplicates of all the Orbx AI aircraft. Screen shot of one of the clicks I have to do, and screen shot of my "P" folder where AI aircraft are located. Thanks for helping, my fingers can't click the mouse another 800 times just to run the sim once. Greg
  8. I've got about 30 Orbx products working good on P3D v4.5. Now I've moved them to P3Dv5 and am using the new and latest beta version of the Orbx control. Half my Orbx scenaries and airports are found and verified just fine in v5. But for about half, there're not getting verified ( see KEKA Murray Field as example) even though Orbx central recognizes then on my "P" drive. As a test I uninstalled one scenery (NZNI see example), and when I try to re-install NZNI I get the same error. This error comes up on about half my Orbx products - even if I try either of the options Orbx gives me for verifying the location of library(s).
  9. I am so impressed with the ORBX scenary and I might be really spoilt now, but I have to ask... will the "missing" Auckland War Memorial museum, huge container cranes at Mechanics Bay, and the marina at Maraitai be added to the Auckland area in future updates / patches to NZNI ?
  10. I just bought the DVD-rom and it's quite amazing to fly all over home. However something is very wrong with the secenary files as all the buildings, tarmac, some grass, taxi and runways ( and even the mega-mitre ten store nearby) at Paraparaumu airport is elevated about 20 above the rest of the airport. Is there a patch for this ?
  11. I just bought the NZSI DVD and pretty much love it. But there are trees all over my Mt Cook airstrip - is there a fix for that ? Greg PC Aviator: Your order #48738 has been completed‏ You have received this notification from PC Aviator because you are a registered user or you or some other registered user requested some information for you from our store. Dear Mr. Gregory Litten, Your order has been completed successfully. Order id: #48738 Order date: Feb 26, 2012 08:26:47 Products ordered FTX New Zealand - South Island $44.95 1 $44.95 Subtotal: $44.95 Shipping cost: $4.95 Total: $49.90 SKU Product Item price Quantity Total FTXNZSI
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