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  1. My local airport, looking good. But I've never seen a black cab there. The local taxi concession has silver logo'd cars. https://www.arrowcars.co.uk/location/leeds-bradford/?utm_source=GMBlisting&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=LeedsBradfordGMB
  2. ...and the site of my first flight in an aeroplane, as a naval cadet. A Dragon Rapide, with the naval pilot doing a 180 degree turn at about 200 feet AAL, and flicking his cigarette ash out of the window.
  3. The less effluent the better...
  4. To be fair to ORBX, ENNK was a fully functioning airport when they first released the scenery. Avinor then closed it down because a new bridge made the larger ENNV airport more accessible to the town of Narvik. One wouldn't expect ORBX to stop selling the product. However, unlike Meigs field, which is advertised as a now-fictional former real airfield, this is how ENNK is currently described on the sales page - "Narvik Airport, Framnes is a regional airport located at Framnes in Narvik. It is operated by the state-owned Avinor and served by Widerøe." An update of that description would be a good idea!
  5. It takes two to tango. With my 40 years of coding experience, if I had access to the source code, I probably could determine the cause. But I don't, so all I can do is report the symptoms, and hope that the developer can follow them up. That is what I have done for numerous problems identified as a beta tester. Other people may also have a problem with compatibility setting persistence, but not noticed it to date. This is how forum threads can help. If others now also notice it and report it, we may be on to something. If not, it's my own problem and I'll check my own system in depth. The other thing I've pointed out is that I find it to be related to whether a compatibility setting is checked or not. Again, that is something that people can check for themselves and report back, positive or negative. I see lots of posts all over the place of users reporting problems, problems that I do not have. It's in the nature of the huge variability of computer systems that some will have problems and others not. I see no point in reporting that I personally don't have a problem, unless there is something specific about my setup that may be relevant and possibly helpful to those who are seeing the problem.
  6. I'm just wondering whether the problem is something related to the compatibility setting in the Control Panel. When I set it to SC mode (in my case, the correct one) I can then start up at KSAN without a problem. However, I have noticed that this setting does not 'persist'; in other words, when I go back one or two days later, neither SC nor Global mode is set. So I can reset it, yet the next time I log on, the setting is once more unset. I don't know of any other ORBX scenery (of which I have many) where the full range of settings does not persist. This may possibly be related to the problem. I have to say that I an sceptical about a performance related cause. Being on P3DV4 I can no longer measure virtual storage, but KSAN does not trouble my main or graphic card physical storage, nor my FPS. Contrast that with an approach to EGLL over central London, where the FPS certainly does struggle (half that of KSAN), yet I do not get a CTD, ntdll.dll or otherwise.
  7. For me, it's an ntdll.dll error every time. And surely, the area can't be more demanding than New York City or London?
  8. I had a CTD on approach today. Then went to FTX Central and clicked the button to say that I had Orbx SC. Repeated the flight from a saved checkpoint and landed without problems.
  9. Have you unchecked SCA in the Options?
  10. Same experience for me - a g3d.dll every time. However, when I uncheck SCA and only have OLC checked in the options, it works fine.
  11. Meanwhile, 3 looks like the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire [just seen previous post - indeed Silbury Hill near village of Avebury], 5 the Bulford Kiwi on Salisbury Plain (created in 1919 by New Zealand soldiers awaiting repatriation following the end of WWI), 6 the Fovant regimental badges in Wiltshire, and 8 the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire. But I'm curious whether we'll be able to see the priapic Cerne Abbas Giant in Wiltshire?
  12. On the other hand, they may be the right size - they do look larger from the ground. But it'll be great to have them - I learnt to fly from EGNM, 10 miles to the south, and they were always a great landmark when doing VFR navigation and the flying-away (Newcastle-Teeside-Leeds Bradford) exercise. It's strange at the moment when they are missing from EU ENG.
  13. 1 and 2 look a bit like Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, which I can see at the moment from my window, except that IRL the domes are larger.
  14. Doesn't this graphic need updating?
  15. Could it have airline assignments added, for the non-static version, in the process? 58dd14b5d7795
  16. With the new YMML V3, I'm having the same problem that I had with V2 - the extraordinary VAS usage of the 3D grass. I'm measuring about 1Gb used by the grass alone. Sitting on the runway in a PMDG 737, I can OOM right away. With 3D grass switched off, the VAS usage is very reasonable. Paul Middleton YMML - FSS0509419
  17. Excellent work, thanks. Just one minor point - LFVP is just off Newfoundland, not in the Caribbean.
  18. Lived in Riyadh (please note spelling) for many years, and it's a good representation.... ...but if I can be extremely picky for a moment, those two skyscrapers (Kingdom and Faisaliah) are actually on the same road, and so should be more lined up in the grid system.... ....but overall this is great work!
  19. The "ORBX LIBRARIES 130626" button is still pointing towards the May 2013 version, although the buttons below that are correct.
  20. This link isn't working any more. Please could someone point me to the appropriate post?
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