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  1. Wow, crisp and clear it seems real. Neat plane.
  2. Wow, very nice. You a great son, Aaron. God bless.
  3. My favorite movie and book. Thanks.
  4. Far out. I just flew past Canmore to Golden in my DC3. Your trip is way cooler. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Agreed with all coments. Thanks for making FSX ultra enjoiable and all the very best.
  6. I repeat totally stunning. Thanks Russ. And thanks again to all of the team. I am in total awe of all of your products. "She who must be obeyed" is a little miffed at the time I spend flying but also impressed with the sceneries.
  7. Glad to hear. God speed and all the very best.
  8. One of my absolute favorits. Thanks.
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