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  1. No happy memories of soccer:unsure:. I was short and fat as a kid and they made me play soccer:angry:. Couldn't run fast:angry: enough so when I had the ball I would kick those well playing "jocks" in the  shinbones:D and picked up the ball and wouldn't give it back. Those were the day my friends:D. Cheers guys that is my soccer story. Now football is a different story that is what I call sports.:)

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  2. 737 (I fly her low and "slowish" through out Alaska) since you didn't list my C47 Rodger. I just wished I could have the interior of the "dream on" ( our Hilda don't look anything like that air maiden in your picture) but with my crew and when I think about our passengers who are on a "no fly list", that table cloth and crystal glassware wouldn't survive take off, so that's not possible.:unsure: :P:D

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