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  1. I've upgraded msfs to 1.10.11, Orbx central worked this morning. I restarted PC now and... wysywyg (attached image) As with the other comments here - Orbx central can't find msfs on my PC. Mind you, a whole lot of othere strange things happened: MSFS reset itself to 2160*480 and downgraded all the display settings. I am working on that... My windows PC reset the display properties from three displays (1920*1080) to one display 5760*1080. Several other display settings also appear to have gone awry. Once again an msfs update has bu66ered up my enjoyment and this time it seems to have affected external apps and settings too. Ideas?
  2. Ah... that's probably it re the parking... If you annoy ATC, you get shunted off to the other end of the field I suppose this usually happens if you don't select a specific spot on the destination airfield and leave the choice to ATC... Typical of my last wife too... Mind you, if the ATC voice is the ASOBO choice, how come I get that voice when I selected the male ATC? The odd thing there is that it sounds a bit like the female voice on my sat nav (garmin stick on screen type) in my car - the female voice is not as pleasant as the male one. Coincidence. Just an aside.
  3. I was parked up ready to go, asked tower for take off. Tower sent me to 24R but the taxi ribbon decided to send me to 06. You can see this from the ATC comms and images attached. Ordered through the Orbx shop, e-mailed order number 5f6fad9511bfd Also - for landing tower said clear to land on 24 R but gave clearance to land as I was level with 06 on my left - on approach to downwind (still about 1 1/2 mile out) for left base approach and landing . And then taxi to parking sent me down to the two small hangars out in the sticks, near t'hold 06 instead of sending me to the more poulated area of the airfield with the clubhouse and the cafe... Also, the female ATC voice is terribly annoying. Sounded a bit too robotic and crackly. Hmm... a bit like my last wife, but I think we shan't go into too much detail there
  4. Eagleskinner doing what he always loves doing most - annoying ATC. LGKO - msfs 2020
  5. I've been checking my logbook - there are a couple more zero takeoff entries outside of Orbx. Not you or Gaya then.
  6. Morning all... If I fly from LOWZ, I can fly wherever I want, but after landing, parking and shutdown at "wherever", the popup pilot's log appears and shows 0 take offs from Zell, although the landing is recorded. So far - Munich, Furstendeldbruck and Innsbruck. Yours or Microsoft's?
  7. Booker was my local airfield since the late '60s. Went to many airshows there, my older brother lives on the other side of the road from it, I have been to more (GA) airshows at Booker than I care to shake a stick at, spent many a Sunday watching the traffic there... I even did type conversions on Pirat and Pilatus aluminium solo gliders there. Did glider aeobatics over the Vale of Aylesbury from there... ...and (oh shame upon shame) got ticked off by London Heathrow ATC for flying into the TMA without permission. (There was a 2000' ceiling over booker for gliders - which is why we did our flying to the north, clear of the TMA.
  8. Bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you. Now add gliders someone please.
  9. Hello Nick - you'll find these just east of the Dartford road bridge - I was wondering if it was something to do with London Landmarks and/or City airport. The main reason that put me on this track was two addons with their respective boundaries on top of the msfs default scenery. Maybe you had set a map boundary point just east of that bridge at that map reference? Two very slight displacements then?
  10. I agree - London is a hog, but so were many other sceneries in FSX - you have to learn how to fine-tune your settings and check what aircraft works best for you. Orbx are promising a patch to coincide with the next MFSF update (in a few days). Flying the Pitts round london is horrible and stuttery, flying the Savage Cub was smooth - even at 17 - 20 FPS. Sadly it's very much the same as in FSX - there is no one single magic bullet and just as in FSX, it will take a while till someone figures a nice happy medium. I must also confess to a certain amount of sadistic pleasure in watching other online flyers crashing into London - especially amusing were a couple of tubes bouncing around Heathrow. I was watching the traffic from my parking spot and I'd see the odd tube flying along trailing sparks and debris - see the next pic - that one crashed while I screenshotted this. (We really need an instant playback option that records all the planes...)
  11. Of course - Orbx London city airport and landmarks - a bit jittery, but still around 20 FPS
  12. So, I decided to put the cat among the pigeons - and there are lots of them in London. One thing that gave me a laught, although you can't see them in my pics, were a handful of onliners flying down the Thames in Beeches. I think the thought it was cool to buzz up the Thames at 500 feet. I was sniggering along way below... ...at dusk, no lights, no smoke (sadly) and waiting for some ATC type to ask me to land immediately and hand over my scrip.
  13. Thanks many... Like I said - I am not really panicked as I have seen similar issues in high density FSX sceneries. Multiple "Same Landmarks" has always been a thing until customer feedback time - Beta testers are only human too and without a specific search pattern, most will see the same thing and miss the less attractive landmarks. The high density issues like frame rates and stutters - well, we can't all have a mega system - I could well imagine there's users with a standard shopping centre basic PC that's more than just a few years old. Besides - you have probably had these types of problems reported already. I was jsu adding a few visuals. You at Orbx have always pushed boundaries and you've also produce well balanced sceneries. I am looking forward to PacNW and Alaska though. As are the Misty Moorings guys. MSFS left some rather large gaps in that part of the world. For my part - as soon as we get gliders, I'll be looking a lot closer at some areas
  14. I know you have an update planned, so I shall not create a buglist, however a couple of pictures tell a thousand words each. Maybe they're yours to fix, maybe MSFS' and maybe I need to edit that Java file that everyone is talking about to stopp stutters and improve frame rates, so without further ado... Triplicate Windmills (must be one for those office administrators). Water creeping up shores and making hills. (Ahhh, Meniscus effect you say...) Roadways and riverbank structures are submerged. (Global warming?) Broken bridges. (Someone burnt them perhaps?) Traffic seems toprefer to go underwater and cross on the riverbed - nearly everywhere. (Submariners employed by ASOBO I guess?) I am posting these as bugs at MSFS but here too, I have London City airport and Landmarks on board via Orbx Central. There are more of each type these aren't just individual cases. I am not overly panicked - teething troubles.
  15. I've just noticed one small thing though - a microsoft in-game purcrhase (in my case Orcas) doesn't appear in Orbx Central - is there a way round this?
  16. After quite a few teething problems with msfs 2020 I finally risked buying Orcas and Tacoma Narrows. I also added the freebie - Fairways. The MS shop worked great as did the Orbx Central purchase. DA** you Orbx - I can see me spending a lot of my pension on you... ...and of course: Congratulations!
  17. A perfect day to test your flying skills. But perhaps one I'd rather spend at the bar. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. There's still some of my older paints in the AVSIM library. They did lose a lot during the hackattack some years back. But if you want to really see how good painters can get, check out the OzX redux paints. Now those guys are incredible! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. I have been away too long - I recently saw the (a?) Fall City video on youtube and just had to come back here to say simply "Wow"! Things have improved by leaps and bounds! My CC will be out in a few days and getting a severe pounding (I've just acquired an I7 3930 based PC, so the well is dry for the rest of the month
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