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  1. I mistyped - I probably should have typed, "...when I pan my view over to the right towards the tower..." - it's simply the act of changing the view direction that causes the CTD. And, really, all the specifics I provided above are overkill as far as being able to reproduce this error; I can set myself up on the ramp at LOIR (30 miles to the northwest) and get the same results. As far as adjusting my settings for the rolling cache go, I'd rather not. Aside from this issue my MSFS setup is working perfectly, and I don't want to chance messing that up by changing settings such as the cache. I was more curious as to whether or not others were experiencing it, and if there was a relatively simple and quick fix. In my case, it appears that the simple fix is to remove the KTIW scenery for now, and as I mentioned above I have many other flights lined up before I get back to KTIW again - perhaps by that point the problem that I'm having with my setup may have fixed itself. Feel free to mark this topic as "Resolved" (or similar) - thanks.
  2. Nick, Just reinstalled KTIW, and got the same results - I choose the six-pack C172, choose the "Gate (Parking 15 -- Ramp GA Small)" parking spot at LOWI, switch to cockpit view once it loads, and when I pan my view over to the right to look at the tower, MSFS crashes. If I remove the KTIW scenery and perform the exact same procedure, everything's fine.
  3. I thought I did (I have the Orbx Control Panel set to start up before MSFS starts, and I always install whatever updates are available before I allow MSFS to open). I'll install it again and let you know how it goes.
  4. I may look into MSFS Addons Linker, more to allow MSFS to start up a little quicker than anything else (I think I have fifty or so flights planned before I visit Tacoma again, so it will be some time before I need to put that one back in the rotation anyway).
  5. It appears that with the Orbx KTIW scenery installed on my MSFS setup, I experience a crash to desktop when I'm in the vicinity of Innsbruck (it may happen in other areas, but since the original CTD happened when I was approaching LOWI, that's where I've done my troubleshooting). Has anyone else been having this issue, and if so is there a fix beyond removing the Tacoma scenery?
  6. Nick, Your screenshot shows runway and taxiway textures, the original poster's shots show he's only seeing the underlying photo textures (i.e. his runway and taxiway textures are missing), so you are not seeing the same thing that the original poster is seeing. FWIW, I'm seeing the same lack of runway and taxiway textures that the original poster is seeing... Michael
  7. For those using the Glacier Park scenery, are the winter apron textures at KGPI supposed to look like this:
  8. One airport that's quite new (in fact it doesn't exist in the default P3D scenery at all) is the Hillaton/Kings Aerodrome Airport (CHL2) in Nova Scotia: https://skyvector.com/airport/CHL2/Hillaton-Kings-Aerodrome-Airport The 11/29 runway has recently had 1650 feet of it's length paved. So recently in fact, that the Skyvector details at the link above don't mention it. However, the video below provides some close-up views of that runway: Below, I've provided an aerial shot of the airfield in it's surrounding environment, which includes some picturesque farmland and coastline (the actual airstrip is just to the right and just above the center part of the photograph): I thought it might be a good candidate for some Orbx love (especially since there's no representation of it whatsoever in the default sim).
  9. I think there was a "hair trigger" on that stall horn (I wonder if they somehow have it adjusted to go off a little earlier for the students or something). I copied the video up to YouTube as well, for those Facebook un-followers out there: For the scenery developers out there who enjoy Art Deco building design, the terminal building is an absolute treasure (Jarrad "Felts Field" Marshall, are you reading this...?):
  10. What a coincidence about KNEW - I just flew out of there last Friday: https://www.facebook.com/michael.copp.35/videos/10155560087860474/
  11. There's actually a recipe included on the web page I posted (it's right below the picture of the delicious dessert, which explains why you didn't see it; your eyes never made it past the photo!): http://tasteofnovascotia.com/recipes/nova-scotia-blueberry-grunt/
  12. Blueberry Grunt: http://tasteofnovascotia.com/recipes/nova-scotia-blueberry-grunt/
  13. A little while ago I finally made it to a small, two-runway grass strip over in the woods in southeastern New Brunswick, the Havelock Airport (CCS5); I'd been meaning to get over for their annual BBQ Fly-in week-end for years, but weather and other factors had always conspired against me: I was thinking that it might be a good candidate for an Enhanced Freeware Airport treatment; if memory serves correct, I believe the default rendition in FSX/P3D only has a single runway.
  14. Gestacon, I think if you want accurate coastlines (at least for the CCQ3 area) you may want to take a look at UTX Canada. I've posted messages on the Orbx forums over the years concerning the inaccurate coastline issues within Vector, and nothing was ever done about it: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/86682-barnabe-island-abeam-cyxk/?tab=comments#comment-1027648
  15. +1 for New England/Maritimes (NEM)! We've got great country airports: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152265765285474&l=8a6a70554f Incredible coastlines: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152252261890474&l=d3a074fa09 And some fitting candidates for interesting photoreal areas: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152600673285474&l=fdf5b803d7 Throw in a couple of Orbx high detail airports already done for the area (KBID and KBHB), along with the benefit of a large population base in and around the northeast USA/Atlantic Canada zone that would most likely purchase the full FAT region, and we've got a winner! ...of course, the fact that I live and fly there does not prejudice my opinion in any way whatsoever...
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