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  1. I presume that uninstalling Brisbane and Sydney (in my case) will be a workaround for now? Thanks.
  2. KPBI (Palm Beach) & KCRW (Charleston, WV) were on the 2021 roadmap. Any updates on these? Have these been scrapped for now? Thanks, John
  3. Hello, Does the Alaska mesh product allow Asobo’s live snow cover feature to work in Alaska as intended? Thanks, John
  4. Hello, I tried to land at YBYL (Baryulgil) using Australia v2 in p3d v5.1 but there were major elevation issues and trees all over the runway. The only other Australia scenery I have is from Orbx - Gold Coast & Brisbane airports. Thanks for looking into this. John
  5. Hello, When I try to load a flight at KSUN I don’t get the option of starting at a ramp or gate. I can really only start on the runway. Is this a known issue? Thanks.
  6. For example, can I install Washington state TE over Pacific Northwest FTX? Any issues, advantages, or disadvantages of doing so? Thank you.
  7. I read that DD Landmarks Seattle may conflict/have issues with Orbx KTIW. Is that correct? I want to buy Landmarks Seattle but not if it messes up my KTIW. Thanks
  8. Will this be coming to Orbx Central soon? Hope so!
  9. I am thinking of buying this pack but am wondering if it will conflict with the coming UK World Update in January. Anyone know? Thanks
  10. According to this page (https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftxglobal-demo) the Iceland demo isn’t compatible with v5. Can anyone with Orbx confirm that? Thanks
  11. Hello, I am trying to get Iceland looking better. Is the Iceland demo available for p3d v5? If so, can someone kindly point me in the right direction? Also, is the BIRK payware sold on this site compatible with all of this? Thanks, John
  12. Thank you, Iain. And sorry for the oversight... John
  13. Anyone know the size of the final file? I’m seriously considering buying during the sale. Thank you.
  14. Ok. Thanks for the update.
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