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  1. Ha ha ha !! It is very tempting ... I try Not to Spend a lot of money every month ... but sometimes i just cannot
  2. Thank you very much bernd for your nice comments ! I like it a lot !! Indeed the landings are a bit difficult ! You come in for landing with high speed and you must deploy the parachute asap !! Otherwise you will end up overshooting the runway
  3. Thank you very much Graeme ! I appreciate your comments
  4. Thank you very much bernd , much appreciated
  5. Great Shots !! Please consider East Midlands and Cardiff for a future Msfs2020 development !!
  6. Thank you very much John , much appreciated
  7. Thank you very much John for your nice comment
  8. Thank you very much for your nice comments
  9. Thank you very much Landon , much appreciated
  10. Beautiful shots Gerold I miss my P3DV4-5 !! When i get a bigger Ssd disk i will go ahead and reinstall it I am 100% Msfs2020 !!
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