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  1. Very nice. Spent over 8 hours today scouting POIs for TEUS Northern California. It won't be here for awhile, but it'll be pretty special when it comes
  2. Oregon is not quite as POI intensive as Washington and as our processes improve we should be able to speed up a bit ... no promises but I'm hoping it won't be toooooo long after Washington.
  3. Take a look in the POIs forum, the KMZ file showing the coverage area is there - you may well be in the Washington scenery area depending on how far south of the river you are. If not, Oregon is up next.
  4. Hmmmm. Kelso High School has a decent sized stand on the sports field. Might be worth a specific POI (in a future service pack ...)
  5. Hi F737NG, To be honest I'm not sure I'll be able to do that on the KMLs, it'll be a significant expansion on the workload, given the number of POIs! At the moment I'm using different colours to distinguish currently included, potentially included and recommended for the next SP, but that could change. As for the NL I think I'll get on that when the XPlane version moves closer to release. Sorry if not the answers you were hoping for, but I'll see what I can do. Cheers, Byron
  6. Hi guys, The KMZ files for the TEGB region is something I'm working on, and I apologise that they are not quite ready for release at the moment but they needed significant clean-up when transferring data from the spreadsheets we use internally to check data. This is at the same time as generating the thousands of POIs needed for Washington state, Oregon and, now, California. I'm close to being able to release them but it might be a couple of weeks due to the workloads I have from various sources! I'm aware that there are still some significant POIs that are missing - Chatsworth House, the Transporter Bridge, some of the more iconic Welsh castles, etc. Please post these up in the POI forum and they will be added to the list for future SPs (there is such a list and it already has several entries - these will be found on the KMZ file as well). Again, I ask for your patience and thank you for your contributions! Cheers, Byron
  7. Nope. Portland / Vancouver will be in the Oregon region which is next up after Washington. See the POI forum for a coverage map and a slightly out of date POI list for that region.
  8. Hi Cargostorm - always happy to hear suggestions for future service packs. Please make a post in the POI Forum: Cheers, Byron
  9. The dedicated POI forum or the support forum would be best. And there are many dozens of wind turbines in the North Sea in real life! But they should be in the correct places. Let us know if not. Cheers, Byron
  10. Stunning shots Iain, just did my first proper flight over North (I know!) And my it looks good, but you make look perfect!
  11. Please put any future POI requests in the POI forum, I'm more likely to see them there. The pier and the stadiums are slated for the next service pack. I've added the additional Birmingham landmarks (my university town) to the lists, but may not make next service pack. Cheers, Byron
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