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  1. Dave, sorry for my late answer. You can install it in your community folder, or in the Orbx folder. It's just the same.
  2. Do you have other mod's installed near Frankfurt? Peter
  3. Hello, did you ever noticed at some point, when you approach Frankfurt from the west direction, that the frames break in even without the Frankfurt City Pack installed. Peter
  4. I have noticed since starting MSFS that there is something wrong with ASOBOS EDDF. If I come from the western direction to EDDF, I lose about 15-20 FPS and that's without Orbx Frankfurt. I don't have such a situation with any payware airport. Peter
  5. Hi Holger, the actual height of the DEKA named (PRISMA) is 45m, but most of the other buildings around are in reality also between 38m and partly 50m. That's why the whole thing doesn't look good, especially if in reality you have your workplace opposite. Peter
  6. The landmarks are well done. But some buildings are way too big in proportion.E.g. "DEKA Bank" Frankfurt-Niederrad, the opposite "Lyoner Stern" is normally as high. The Frankfurt "Eintracht Stadion" is no longer called "Commerzbank Arena" but "Deutsche Bank Park". Peter
  7. Hello, cela vient de la dernière mise à jour de MSFS télécharger ceci ici et installer dans le folder de la communauté: https://flightsim.to/file/5167/scenery-glitch-fixes-for-update-1-12-13-0 Beaucoup de salutations et bonne année Peter
  8. Since nothing happened, I have solved the problem with the much too bright texture for myself in the meantime. Peter
  9. Hello, I find the ground in the two harbours areas is much too bright, therefore it looks very ugly. Is there a possibility to adapt the whole thing more to reality? Peter
  10. Yes, that's right. With base, the autogen is misplaced. The black spots with night lighting I don't have near LOWW, but in the near of LOIK and only by using Open_LC. Me and other users have those black/Night Textures near airport of Florence/Italy and other places in some Italy areas with Open_LC activated. I think neither Base nor Open_LC is really compatible at the moment. This needs to be improved. Peter
  11. because, it cannot be that the incompetent user tells the developer how to do it. What a shame. The next bann will follow! Peter
  12. The road traffic goes only in one direction except on highways. Is this true?
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