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  1. Is there a location that has west bank port listing? I find listing for basically every where else except ports such as Hebron or any ports in west bank. I assume there are some but can find no listing. Thanks for help. eray9s
  2. I realize multiplayer has vanished but my question is what is the replacement program on which we can fly together as we did with the discontinued multiplayer program. Thanks for all help. eray9s
  3. Thanks Tjdinmaine your reply appreciated but my problem is not with real planes but trying to understand what I must do to get a nice turn around while fling in fsx. Some times I get a real neat turn and other times I need three more acres. There is a correct way to do it but I just stumble on it occasionally and I want to really know what I am doing when I get it right. Thanks again. eray9s
  4. I manage to steer the plane on the ground ( on the ground is the only steering I am asking about ) but it is hit and miss. I am sure there is a procedure to follow and I have tried looking various places to get educated. I have gotten better but sure would appreciate all help as to how , and/or, where I can find info. Thanks eray9s
  5. Excuse me for beating on this question so much but I would like to purchase or use some of the free global but even though I like my present set up I would like to make it even better as I keep hearing so much good comment about global. I am hesitant to install the global as I do not want to mess up my present set up. If no one cares to make comment on my questions raised earlier than please will some one direct me to where I can perhaps find some educated comments on whether I should or should not go ahead and install. I hesitate as I am not too sharp on unmessing my computer after I have messed it up. Please help. Eray9s ray
  6. Perhaps my question or questions were not to clear but I would like to hear some thoughts on my questions relative to global installing...The questions are mentioned in post #31. Thanks for your thoughts on global. eray9s Ray S.
  7. Taph thanks for all of your help----I think. The "I THINK" just means am I able to take advantage of the GLOBAL free ware?. I just have a rather loaded up flight sim program with just plain FSX along with a lot of standard free ware along with quite a few of those that cost money to have. I have been told that the gloable stuff is so much better and takes the FSX program another step forward but again the question pops up----with my basic fsx set up can I and am I possiblycausing more problems which could over ride the benefit. I sure would appredciate any and all comments that would be of great help in explaining what it is, what good it will do and the balance that may be there in loading some of it along with possible problems. Thanks very much for all your comments. Ray S. ??
  8. I am interested in freeware ports and would appreciate info as to where I can locate them. Thanks much for help. eray9s Ray
  9. Ed thanks for reply. I do not use Firefox, should I and where do I get it? Thanks for help. eray9s ray
  10. Tim or Ed: I am still having problems and I dropped a memo to Tim but did not get a reply. Would appreciate a reply so Ed jump in there if you want and explain my problems as mentioned in memos of either 7-18 or 7-19 as they have slightly different problems. Thanks as your help is very much appreciated. eray9s ray
  11. Tim guess I have been out of circulation longer than I realized. What is Google drive link and download manager? The last time I had to install I just clicked the installer I wanted and more or less followed instructions and had success with no problems. Please advise me where I get the cram course to install and if there is some instructions as to how it is done. I now know how old Rip Van Winkle must have felt when he awoke. Thanks for all your help. erays Ray
  12. Would appreciate some help and I am not the only one with this problem. Thanks for any help. Ray eray9s
  13. I have tried several times to put new library140703 into action. Each time I get same actions--Screen pops up with sign stating d/l was interrupted and I checked the resume square and next action stated 1 min. 19 sec remain but got next comment stating the compressed folder is invalid. I need some help as to what my next action is. I am not sharp on computer so any help appreciated. Ray Sievers
  14. Can Europe freeware ap,s be used without the main EU being installed? Thanks Ray
  15. Holger your reference gets me to pnw 005 and I am looking for pnw SP 5. They are not the same I assume so where do I locate the SP5 so it can install it then Pnw 008 (new Patch) Thanks eray9s Ray
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