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  1. Well I have re-visited my LOWI again - now in a fresh install of P3Dv4.5 HF3 - and I also still have the same problem! I haven't been back to LOWI very much (beautiful 'though the Orbx version is) and the AI traffic there is quite light using Traffic Global as I do, so I hadn't checked to see if the grass landings were going on. They are. The only other LOWI file (apart from Orbx/Westsim files) in my sim was a Traffic Global BGL was layered below the Orbx entries anyway. I have removed this file just in case, but it makes no difference when checked again. I have searched the whole sim and it is otherwise clean of other LOWI's. I sat at LOWI with the wind set westerly until some AI turned up. I had had a couple of normal departures on 26. The first inbound arrived without any contact with ATC that I heard (strange) and appeared to make a high approach to 26R (grass) before going missed. The second called ATC 16 miles out for 26R and was cleared for 26R. It came in (B737) and landed on 26R grass, then taxied across 26 and onto the taxiway. Same thing I had seen in the past and reported last year. No idea why this should be, and with the light traffic in my sim I'd forgotten about it. I don't know what happens landing on 08 - the only approachI saw in the past went missed quite early for some reason. Ariel
  2. Yes P3D 4.5. I have deactivated my Freemesh and EU England, Wales and Scotland sceneries with no change to the spike etc. Of course, if it's only me seeing this I'll have to think harder, but I don't have any other scenery near the area. I do have Vector. Ariel
  3. When TE GB South first appeared some time ago I bought it. At the time I had a previous version of P3D and earlier hardware. On my first flight I looked around at my local Hampshire countryside and immediately thought "ouch - those colours don't look right". However, more immediately important was the horrendous load time it caused on my older system, so I uninstalled it and quite happily stuck with the EU series England, Scotland Wales etc. Recently, now with P3D4.5 running on better hardware, I re-installed the updated TE GB South, and after a first flight bought GB Central and ditched my EU England and Wales. The lure of looking at the real world proved too great to go back to the EU versions (good 'though they were). However, I still find that I still really don't like the colour of the countryside, it just doesn't look realistic. The reason is simple. The base photographic land image has been processed with a noticeable yellow colour cast, which turns green fields into an unnatural shade of yellow-green. (Autogen - trees and buildings - isn't affected by this, of course). The yellow cast can be seen on things like major roads, which should be close to a grey shade, but are often a pale yellowy-green shade. As an amateur photographer with a lot of experience optimizing the RGB colour balance of photographs, I recognize poor colour balancing and it jars a bit. I don't see the effect anywhere near as much in the publicity screen shots, by the way. I know this is just a personal thing, or could be blamed on my hardware, but I'm certain I'm right, and it seems such a pity in such an otherwise great product. Strangely enough, whilst I was exploring the northern edge of the GB Central I chanced upon a place where the colour balance seems to have been been got right, or at least much better. For some reason, North of the Solway Firth, running adjacent to the edge of the GB Central scenery, there is a narrow half mile strip of photographic land with what I think is a better more natural-looking colour balance. Here you can see the contrast with the yellow-cast scenery to the South that I'm moaning about (ignore the EU Scotland north of the boundary). See here (I hope):- https://imgur.com/thtFHaP https://imgur.com/PfdUxqP It's only because I'm a fan of Orbx that I mention all this. I think that the TE GB scenery is a great project, and it just hurts me a bit that it's not a brilliant project. That yellow- green grass effect really gets to me! Ariel
  4. 2 more pic I didn't add due to incompetence!.. https://imgur.com/OlOStmd https://imgur.com/K6Euei3
  5. FYI: In TE GB Central on the Northern edge, north of Gretna Green, there is an elevation spike. From this are two ditches - one of which runs many miles to the East and becomes a chasm! See the pics which contain Lat/Longs. Ariel
  6. And all still seems good... I've reinstalled LOWI and will now unfreeze my test aircraft and divert there to check it out. Many thanks Doug. Two heads are definitely a lot better than one!
  7. Bingo. De-activating LOWI seems to have worked! (Fingers crossed). I did do a files verify just before this, but I will now delete it and re-download LOWI again. Wish I had time to fly!
  8. Nothing doing Doug. However, I cannot make the radio-button selection in the LOWI options "stick". I select the button on for compatibility with GES installed, and exit. Next time I check the light is missing again. (There's no light in the alternative Global-only button, either). I can't help doubting if this would affect textures over such a large area, and LOWI itself looks fine. I will try de-activatng LOWI just to make sure and see if anything changes.
  9. Ah, ok Doug. Nothing seen relevant in the GES options, but I have turned on GES compatibility in LOWI (I'd long forgotten that one). I'll test this now but it takes time to load!
  10. I've hit a problem with textures in a particular area in GES. I have not seen this before with earlier versions of P3Dv4, so it might be something new in the latest version only... I have just installed a clean full version of the latest v4.5.1. I have reinstalled all my ORBX stuff including Vector, Global, EU Landclass, and GES plus other regions. That and a few aircraft, Traffic Global and some third-party airfields airfields. All seems well except for a problem I've stumbled on, along the south border of GES. See these images - one high level and one lower down:- The problem is with GES - de-activate GES and the black textures go too. I have deleted and re-installed GES with a new download, but no change. Is there anyone there using GES in v4.5.1 who can take a look to confirm the problem or otherwise? The rest of the GES area seems fine. The problem is in an area from roughly 11 deg E to 12 deg 50' E in a band about 20 miles wide running along the GES boundary in the Alps. They are north of the Inn valley, but flying to Innsbruck from Munich will take you across some of the problem. My scenery layers are all fine and ordered as they should be.
  11. Still a mystery Graham. I did check for any other APX file as the first thing to try and drew a blank. I have double-checked again and now found a file in Traffic 360 which contains what looks like a fallback cache of FSX AF2 files (all airports including LOWI), all dated 2008/9 . These seem not to be active and is unknown to my scenery.cfg and xml files. Nothing else. However, if no-one else has this problem I will have to accept that it must be something to do with my modified Traffic 360 installation, I suppose. I do notice that Orbx LOWI has an ATIS that gives all three runways and includes visual approaches to all - a bit unreal. Is this the same for everyone? Might be a clue here. Graham
  12. Got a weird problem with LOWI (the great FTX add-on) and my AI traffic. I don't mean stuff like AI taking off and climbing into the mountain wall - you have to make allowances! No - worse than that. First, I should say that I'm now solely in P3D v4.1, and, lacking any other suitable AI package I've installed my old FSX Traffic 360 from Just Flight, suitably modified to cut out the Tower and "Spotty" rubbish plus several dubious old aircraft models, and with a cfg. file amendment. It all works perfectly, and I fly with lots of traffic and full airports without any problems. (I can't see that this is the cause of my LOWI problem). Anyway, the problem:- Most of my AI traffic tries to land on the short grass glider strip (26R/08L). (A lot of them come in far too high anyway and have to go missed, but that's probably anothert problem). The sight of B737's smacking down on a 1000 feet of grass tends to destroy my otherwise excellent flying immersion. (If I have crash detection turned off they generally skid to the end of the airfield in a cloud of dust- doubtless with everything cascading from the overhead lockers - and then stagger off and vanish. I took a look at the relevant LOWI APX bgl file with ADE 175, but couldn't see any cause for this. Maybe it is something which will only happen with my Traffic 360 AI aircraft, but I can't see why. Any one else seen this? Any clues please? I shall buy Just Flights Global AI replacement when it comes out, but who knows how long that will take? All my modified Traffic 360 flights work very well indeed throughout the rest of the world, with lots of traffic all around (I have frequent airmisses with that dodgy old ATC system ). I've no problem at any other airfield, stock or addon. Graham
  13. Guys, having gone solely to P3Dv4, I'm really, really missing my Yosemite scenery... I know it's free and it doesn't pay to work on it, but is Peter or anyone having a go at upgrading it? I live in hopes - I'd even pay a small sum for it!
  14. I had this in P3D v3 and cured it by going into Vector settings and turning off the option for frozen water in winter (never freezes. This despite the black water problem not being winter related I think. Try it, anyway.
  15. That didn't do it I'm afraid. Since this isn't Objectflow-related it's a support issue, so I'll finish here and raise it elsewhere if I can't fix it. Graham
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