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  1. The scenery depicts the planet in a few years from now. No beaches and a Barrier reef that has died and been destroyed by rising sea levels.
  2. @YAMBA1 I doubt you will be missing much. Just another forum for people to congregate a give the benefit of their unrestrained wisdom.
  3. IMO City Packs are a waste of time and frame rate gobblers. They are just unnecessary eye candy that hardly rate a blink of the eye to serious simmers. Orbx should spend it's time developing nice mid sized airports that are kind on resource usage but add a bit of nicety to the Sim. Until they stop pandering to the eye candy crowd they won't be getting anything out of me, sale or no sale.
  4. What happened to YPPH? It has been touted in the recent past as in development but doesn't appear in your road map.
  5. Unlike many other other spiders rarely does the female attack the male either before, during or after he has used his palps for their purpose.
  6. Impressive. All they need now is flights to fully recommence and utilise it.
  7. I thought Melb'n is where Mexicans come from and NSW was the home of Cockroaches.
  8. " ......most mainlanders don't know we exist down here..." and I for one am happy to keep it that way.
  9. "Bradley International Airport temporarily closed and the aircraft landed on the main runway landed gear up, meaning on the bottom of the aircraft with no landing gear out, at 1:35 p.m." Love the reporters explanation.
  10. My resolution is to simply put 2020 behind me and hope 2021 is better and if it's not wait for 2022.
  11. No argument with any of this. happy holiday season to you as well.
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