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  1. Nick, if you add an X to the Community folder name or rename it does that break the Orbx Library links?
  2. Spoke too soon, not a solution. Cars are back on the airport but the ground staff in front of my plane is now gone. Must have gone home for dinner.
  3. Thought I should report back. Got rid of those high speed cars on the airport grounds by turning Road Traffic down to 30. Now if I could just get rid of this idiot standing in front of my plane.
  4. I hope this can be rectified as it's really off putting to me. I don't see this abundance of ground staff and rogue high speed cars at other airports and other Orbx airports. Must be someway to exclude them as it ruins the ambiance. Otherwise Darrington is a worthy addition.
  5. Ok, many thanks for getting back to me Ed. That looks a whole lot better. I look forward to the update. Most appreciated!
  6. @Ed Correia Why did you mark this tread as "Answered"? The problem hasn't been resolved. I presume I'm not going to get any support.
  7. Got Ground Aircraft Density at 100 and AI General Aviation Traffic Density at 100. Still no aircraft on the ramp. Just nothing with this airport.
  8. I have no static aircraft at KTIW Tacoma. I purchased from Orbx Direct and it appears under My Products in Orbx Central. I have done a Verify Files, and an uninstall and reinstall after deleting the product backup. Still no static aircraft. From this post Jon states there should be. I'm not sure what is wrong, can you help me resolve this?
  9. Did you get it resolved because I lack the static planes also.
  10. Wow nice job on the screens! This scenery is just amazingly beautiful!
  11. @Tony Wroblewski Tony I've written about this three times now and have yet to get any acknowledgement from you or Orbx one way or the other. It was Orbx that asked for input on the POIs for Northern California for XP. Am I just wasting my time with this? Can you get these into a service pack for XP? They are are in the kmz file of POIs. Thank you. Edit: I realize this is not the proper forum for this issue. Moderators please move if you feel it is necessary. If you move it, please insure Tony is notified. Thank you.
  12. You're right OND, really sweet ride. Now I have to find some bush strips.
  13. Thank you for responding Tony. They were requested in the following threads and supposedly added to the list and accepted for inclusion. Would be greatly appreciated if they could be included in a service pack. They are included in the kmz file. The Cement Ship with wharf was included. The ship is a derelict, all broken up. Good job on that. http://localsantacruz.com/history/history-seacliff-beach-cement-ship/ Dam in Sacramento The POIs were also mentioned in a Bug Report here I was under the impression that since they were accepted for inclusion and appear on the kmz file that they would be included. Whatever the outcome, I truly appreciate your attention to this matter. Thank you! Sorry to interrupt your great shots Iain.
  14. Looks like you're having fun with that PC6. Something else I have to go buy. Thanks for the shots.
  15. Nice shots! Is this the P3D version?
  16. Two things I've been waiting to hear Dario. FPS and and the transition between TE and the airports. Guess I'll go buy. Thanks for the info and shots! I'm still torn between P3D and XP
  17. I hope they put the wharfs in around Monterey Bay. All four of them were left out of the XP version. Can you show a shot of them? Especially the one at Monterey and the one at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. All four POIs were requested, approved for inclusion but omitted in the XP version.
  18. Cessna 310L Thank for the all the comments. Truly appreciated!
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