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  1. Hi Matt, my region is U.K. I'm not so sure about your potential fix as I cured my issue with a delete and reinstall of Vector. Obviously that's the limit of my knowledge but another common aspect could be FTXC3. I didn't have an issue with this until the unified lookup and FTXC3 install. Trying to help, not criticise (to be clear). all the best Jay
  2. I've successfully fixed my installation now with a re-install of Vector from FTXC3. The configuration tool did go missing but I had a backed up copy of 1.2 that I put in place and it's working swimmingly. Thanks to everyone that commented and helped. Jay
  3. Hi Nick The vector library entries are in the right place now. Would I have had to load FSX and shut it down to see them correctly? I looked in the library straight after installation but I hadn't run FSX. The config tool definitely hasn't installed from a fresh install of the latest vector on my PC. Might be worth checking that out. I have found a previous version of the tool from a back-up (Sept 2014), can I just copy and paste that into the correct place and run it or is it outdated or require other files to run correctly? Thanks Jay
  4. Hi Nick, I hope you are well and have had a good Xmas. I've completed an re-install through FTXC3 and I have some strange findings. 1. vector installed fine from a download through FTXC3 but the vector config utility hasn't been installed. The control panel button in the vector planel (FTXC3) is greyed out and the original Win 7 menu shortcuts haven't installed. It's possible that it's on my system but I'll need the file name to search for it. 2. I think the FTXC3 install placed the vector library entries in the wrong place. The set order is correct but they were inserted under the OLC entries which is counter to the graphic and advice in the manual. Thanks in advance. Jay
  5. Thanks Nick. I have tried those items so a reinstall will be attempted. Cheers Jay
  6. To be absolute clear. I will need to... uninstall vector from ftxc3 delete the vector directory install vector again Thanks in advance. Jay
  7. Hi Doogle, no Norton AV but there is an uninstall option in FTXC3. Hoping not to do that at the moment. Last resort I will...
  8. Does anyone have any more guidance on how I can fix this problem? Or am I looking at a reinstallation of Vector?
  9. Hi all I have exactly the same problem, I've checked through the complete error report. I have FTX Central 3, an updated Vector and the latest .net framework. I deleted the .inactive files and selected all the options in the config programme and applied. I get the same exception error so is there any other option I should try before the delete and re-install? How can I do that effectively with FTX Central 3 installed, is there an uninstall option? Thanks in advance Jay
  10. Hi all Just installed Vector 1.3 and now I have an objectflow error (pop up box) during FSX start. Haven't changed anything else so not sure what's going on. I have downloaded and installed the latest libraries but that hasn't fixed the problem. Am I missing something that's already known and discussed or is this a new issue? Thanks in advance. Jay
  11. Hi Richard Thanks so much for the response. No screenshot sorry as its a straight (but repeatable) full PC crash over the area. Hence the original request for the info on 078. If that problem was unlikely to be causing what I experiencing then I'll move on. Many thanks Jason
  12. Hi team Just a quick question. I see that the 1.2 update included a fix for a problem near EHAM. Can I ask how it manifested itself as I've got a problem west of EHAM with a non recoverable crash in FSX? I'm running Vector 1.2 so wonder whether a re-install (on top of the current installation) could perhaps fix it and whether that's a good idea or not. Many thanks Jay
  13. Thanks. So not necessarily a problem at my end. I don't have Flashget so will give that a try...
  14. Hi all I seen to have a problem downloading the AU traffic basepack and 4.10 incremental patch. Not sure if it's a problem my end but I've tried yesterday and today with different browsers and it seems to be repeatedly interrupted about 46mb in. Would someone mind checking in case it's a problem at my end. Many thanks Jason
  15. This has happened to me too. I'm not an FSX super user and am only coming back to it after being on holiday but I did recently update Open LC EU to 1.15 and installed the latest libraries so I wonder whether these issues are connected. Kind regards J
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