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  1. Also, I'm still getting the odd messed up texture in other parts of the world. Orbx England, Vector/Base NA Landclass etc. I didn't have this in my old P3D V1.4 install on my old dead system. Something V3.X specific or maybe one of the updates of the terrain cfg. from you guys?
  2. Okay. I have verified every Orbx scenery I have, (And the objects library. including a new terrain cfg.) Still Random High Rise buildings in the SAK areas that look like they are swampy (Transposed texture somewhere?) Similar issue in the Ketchikan area outside of the PAKT scenery Haven't checked for the random water in the UK yet (no time to sim this week but will check later.) Right now SAK is unflyable for the Immersion loss. Getting a bit frustrated here.
  3. So far no joy. Still high-rises in Gustavus and Homer. Random water in Skagway. Standard global NA landclass areas look fine. Will try again but without adding the manual Tongass X terrain entries first before running the sim.
  4. On a related note... I suddenly have high rise buildings in my SAK scenery. Only thing I can think of is a messed up Terrain cfg. If I delete it, will P3D rebuild it and then by running the verify files with central will it add the necessary entries?
  5. I have the same issue. Running P3D V.3 (latest) and I'm also getting the random water issue. Verified Global base, Europe landclass and Scotland. Still random water....
  6. Try three years... I just installed and get the same problem...
  7. I also get this. There is a thread further down the page with the same issue
  8. Yes, I'm running V3. I've backed a few setting off a little. Haven't tried flying there again lately but I also got an OOM error around Los Angles with Southern California with the same settings on approach to Long Beach. I guess I'll have to back things down a bit in those areas and give it a try.
  9. I've got a brand new system (AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 3.70 GHz, with a AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB gpu and 16 gig of DDR4) and the first time I tried flying anywhere near London I got a got a couple of dings then an OOM crash near RAF Northholt. most settings are far right and I was getting consistent 26-36 fps. Also running Traffic X (old I know but I've had it for a while. Any ideas? I also got a few weird flickering artifacts pop up randomly
  10. I recently decided to upgrade from P3D Version 1.4 to the latest version of Version 3 (I have an old computer). I have all of North America All of the UK, Global base and Vector Europe and NA Landclass Tazmainia Demo etc. What I do not have is the Bandwidth that I used to have to download all of this (Took 3 days to download P3D). I re-downloaded the global stuff but due to the time it took. I was wondering if there is a way to get Central to recognize the Version one scenery in version 3 so it shows in Central so I can run updates etc. Another reason is due to hard drive space constraints.
  11. My usual Wales airport is EGOD. But when flying from there (or RAF Valley) there are no AI aircraft anywhere. The radio is quiet until I get a bit into England or Scotland before there is some activity. I have the FSX MAIW RAF Valley Hawks package installed so there should be some Hawks on the ground and flying about but it's like the Langoliers... No one about. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for the help everyone. Got V3.5 on Fastlane and currently installing SoCal :-)
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