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  1. Man. It would be awesome to have one of those. My neighbors already hate me because of my woodchipper on Sunday mornings. This would give me the neighborhood to myself! I would make little coffee tables out of those shavings. Seal them really good and sell them too!
  2. Truly looks real! Awesome shot. Always look forward to your posts!
  3. I also like PilotEdge. Yes, as stated by the OP, it is fee based, but the quality is so much better in that area. Nothing against VatSim, as I fly that also outside those covered area, but PilotEdge has something going! It would be simply the best if it was a larger area.
  4. Man, life seems so much more "fun" and entertaining down under. Funny article.
  5. When the LC comes out for the USA.....I am going to be set. I will see no other reason to fly anywhere else. If it is anything like EU, it will be a hit and I simply can't wait for the preview shots!!!
  6. They are great! Look forward to seeing some more!
  7. That bird never gets old. Great set! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Nice. Wont be able to install until this weekend. Care to share some more Southern Hospitality and help this Georgia boy out with a couple around my way? KSSI or KSAV?
  9. Awesome Shots!!! May I ask if the freeware package comes with Mesh or not? If so, are you running any third party mesh or is it default? Thank you
  10. Been keeping an eye on this one. A good review is hard to come by and I see not a lot of videos on it either. Nice shot. How do you find the systems? I am a Cold and Dark to Cold and Dark by the book kinda guy, and love planes like this. Makes me miss my PMDG JS4100!!!
  11. Man, All these screen shots lately and it looks like I might have to jump in and get this package! That airport looks like the highest quality!!!!
  12. It is a nice show if you want to look at aircraft, but it is 100% staged. Most if not all are voluntary repos. They fake the manner in which they have to hurry, as I watched one Twin be pulled out of a hangar, started and taxied to the active in a class b-airport without any kinda of clearance or anything. Fake, but the eye candy is nice!
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