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  1. honest post but much to late. I am out for any future Orbx Product. You have decided, Orbx
  2. good point Heinz, it was ORBX Central, NOT FTX Central
  3. FTX Central just installed an Global Base update to 1.4.2 . Wondering as i cannot see anything that was posted regarding this update and it was little more then 1 GB big.. Can someone give me a hint what the changelog is ? Thanks, Carsten
  4. What i miss from Orbx or at least JV is an honest statement what we can expect in terms of open lc regions. Especially as we saw announcements in the past that lc africa should be in beta since february if i remember a post from JV correctly. Not saying anything is a shame for a company like orbx and us the fsx and p3d guys who let orbx grow to a company it is now. just my 2 cents
  5. Good evening, i had a lokk in the forum but could not find a topic raising that question. orbx africa was announced long time ago and the delayed several times.. since months no news. are the remaining regions still in development or do i have to assume they are dead ? thanks for your help, CArsten
  6. Amazing news John, really appreciate you effort. I would be definatly in if it is possible to get TE seasons even at LOD14. So, credit card is waiting :-) carsten
  7. just a feeling but for me this was the shortes series of preview posts before Iains "final" post Creditcard is ready !
  8. Unfassbar ! That looks so amazing. The rooftops of the houses on poc 5, absolutly realistic. stunning work gentlemen !
  9. Glad to see a great rendition of the "Ginnheimer Spargel" great work and awesome shots !
  10. WOW !!!!!! You guys really do a super duper job. It is getting better and better from region to region.
  11. John, really appreciate your support and time you and the Team is investing. Especially because you could also say no because of the point you mentioned. So thanks again for your help John no matter what outcome we will see ! Best, Carsten
  12. understood Nick. That is nearly what i supposed at least. Thank you Sir !
  13. Ahh okay than i understood it the right way :-) Thanks for that ! I see that in terms of vector this might work out. but the full fat Orbx regions will not work with this apporach of deactivating roads in vector, right ? Best, Carsten
  14. Hey Nick, sorry for that but i do not understand what you mean Maybe it's my english.....
  15. Thank you John, really appreciate if Orbx is at least having a look and ONCE MORE helping our community. THANK YOU SIR ! Carsten
  16. Same for me. I use a lot of Orbx scenery and i am very happy with it. in terms of night lightning i think black marble is a milestone and for our community it would be a great benefit. so i really appreciate help from you Orbx guys to make black marble fly together with Orbx. Thanks for making it happen, Carsten
  17. I love you guys ! Thanks for making this available as a open Beta ! Best, Carsten
  18. Neither is your Postimg... what 3D lightning ? You mean open lc ? Then open lc europe ? maybe you should clarify what exactly you mean.
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