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  1. I couldn't recommend UK2000 EGMC enough. I use it as my default airport and see no issues with it in TE. It's a shame about the roads though and I find I fairly regularly swap between TE and EU England.
  2. Language is a funny thing. I must admit that I'd interpret "on sale now" as literally being available to purchase and to be fair, I can't imagine anywhere using those words to describe something that's available in the sale i.e. can be bought at a discounted price. Frustrating when we read things quickly though and the word "sale" is all that we see. Human nature I guess. On the plus side Eric, there's always a few "sales" each year, so you'll soon be able to get it at a discount.
  3. XL426 is parked at my local and regularly did powered runs during open days and was proudly parked near the control tower for a few years, though sadly hiding by a hanger now. When XH558 did its farewell tour around the UK in 2015 before being grounded, it included a couple of passes over Southend and aside from that sound making the hairs on your neck stand up, the last flypast included an impressive wing waggle as if to say goodbye to XL426. Oh yes, the screenshots; hard to pick out a single one that wouldn't pass for a photo Iain!
  4. The scenery you have is the landclass based England. It basically has textured ground that looks a bit (a lot) like the English countryside, along with accurate, coasts, roads and points of interest etc...….to be fair, I dumbed that down a bit, because I think it's really good! True Earth England South is just that, true earth. It's based on aerial photographs of England, so it is actually England. The downside (for some it seems) is that TE England only has summer textures.
  5. Rossi's ice cream! Officially the best ice cream in the world and they still have their retro 60's ice cream parlour on the seafront, conveniently less than a 10 minute walk from my front door :-) To stop this thread drift, I think it must be release time
  6. You're right Paul, apart from maybe the fish & chips part. The longest pleasure pier in the world, despite a few fires and the occasional ship crashing through it over the years. It would strange for it not to be 3D, especially as it's already in 3D in EU England.
  7. It does look like some of the car parks and roads (especially in the last 2 screenshots) have a green tinge to them. Noticeable in the Wickford shot too. Road colour in general would be my only concern from the screenshots so far, because by and large, most UK roads are tarmac......and that's basically black under most lighting conditions, except having typed that and then gone to find some photos, they do of course NOT actually look black at all! Maybe I just think they should be darker. Regardless of the above, this is still a whole new world compared with default, Global or EU England.
  8. Looking at the Southend/Leigh shots, I really am impressed with how well the buildings appear, including my house too
  9. Looking very, very nice indeed Iain. If only you'd headed east from the QE2 bridge to get a few shots of the Essex coast along the Thames
  10. Now that's the truth! As for the Orlando "issue", frustrating (for now) it may be for some, including you Doug, surely the need to fly around Orlando isn't that great?
  11. Looking very nice to me! Can't wait to see how the Thames estuary/Essex is going to look.
  12. I need to get around to actually installing some the ORBX stuff I've bought and at least have a look at it soon. Once TEGB is here, I've a feeling I won't be flying anywhere else for a long time!
  13. A bit like Scott really, I tend to buy stuff in the sale that I wouldn't have bought otherwise. In fact looking at FTX central, I've got stuff in there I've bought and never even installed!
  14. What a very thoughtful and totally appropriate suggestion John. Very sad news. What an amazing legacy Neil's left...….RIP sir.
  15. I think all that practice paid off Bill . Saying this looks nice just seems like a massive understatement!
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