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  1. Please cancel the request here...my mistake...I forgot to have the latest library at the top in the scenery library....oops
  2. I purchased global vector and NZ Queenstown several years ago. I haven't been flying in that area for quite some time. I use the global vector configurator to make sure the airports will have the correct elevation. I recently flew in to Queenstown and found the elevation way out of whack that I had to uninstall Queenstown. I checked the elevation config. but it said that Queenston had been in the disabled side which I imagine it should be and just in case I put it in manually...scenery is still screwed up. I also have open LC NA and Europe but I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with the problem although time wise the problem has existed after the purchase of the Open LC's. How do I go about fixing the problem. Thanks
  3. I am really enjoying the other open LC,s and would like an update on the release date for Asia ( ball park estimate is good enough) Thanks
  4. I have Global vector and Open LC EU and NA. When leaving O LC and entering a region in EU or NA FSX shuts down with a message that there is a problem in FSX and must restart. It does this every time and in both directions..ie: from a region into Global vector area. Is FTX central 3 not automatic now ?
  5. I have open LCNA ( global vector )...KMCO has trees all over the default airport...taxiways and ramp ...add it to the list please I have version1.15
  6. Thanks Voyager...a picture is worth a 1000 words...have it installed now
  7. I purchased this software a few weeks before I purchased a new pc. I had no problems installing it and it looked great on my old PC. Now I'm trying to install it in my new PC and am not sure what is happening. I DL the files and extract them one at a time to a temporary folder.The files are listed 120.2 120.3 120.4 120.5 and 120.6 there is no exe file. what should I do now?
  8. I found it by looking in my orbx folder. case closed
  9. I am reinstalling all my Orbx software on a new PC. I have installed global vector and the free NA/SA airports. Where do I get the global vector tool to fix the elevations? I thought it would have installed with global vector.
  10. It looks like version 135 did the same thing...I missed seeing that message so Ireally have just version 130 installed
  11. this what I tried. Download ver140 and zip appears at bottom of screen. I left click once and get the message unexpected archive error and another window opens at same time with the application. I try to extraxt with Winrar and get a message that the folder is corrupt. I right clicked on the app but there is no run as administartor. And at this point Im stymied. Never got far enough to install so not sure what to do now.
  12. Hi. I'm presently reloading and installing all my Orbx addons on my new PC. Everything going good with regions and a bunch of airports. Installed Global and then vector1.30 still no problem. I then installed update 1.35 but when I tried to install update 1.40 I got this message... D:\Steve|Downloads\OrbxFTXGlobalVector140.zip unexpected end of archive. Since I am not PC savy I have no idea what this means. Looking for help. Thanks
  13. And thanks for that Nick...That is really good to know
  14. I appreciate all the help here...best forum and best flightsim products in Orbx
  15. I finally got fsx installed correctly and about a dozen addons installed and many more to go. Just one more question....the updates for the various global regions...sp2 sp3 etc do I have to install them as well or are the orbx regions upto date in my account with the Flightsim Store? thanks
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