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  1. Thanks for your answer, I've done point 1,2,3 and 4 , but problem is still on. Then I tried to search for .C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ FSX \ SceneryIndexes, Could'nt find it. So the problem is still there Iám working with W7pc. Do i've to search in programfiles ((x86)\ microsoft games\FSX | but there is.n't SceneryIndexes. What can I do now? greetings. Cappie
  2. Loading terrain data stops at 13 % after installing FTX Global open LC Na Alaska/Canada. last wednesday. North America is not working anymore. I've FTX Global Base,Global open LC Europe Global Vector. FTX Norway, Scotland, Wales and England they still loading and working good. What have I to do now? I'm Dutchman I've send a Diagnostic reporter to Orbx nr. otbae48e646203e4700cc05492baaf3257 cappie.
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