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  1. A short 3 minute movie I put together this morning showing the new Orbx PAC750 on a meatbombing run out of NZGY:
  2. Great to see a locally built Kiwi aircraft make it into MSFS. Mitchell Williamson and his team from Orbx have done an outstanding job bringing the PAC750 X-STOL to the platform! Below are a few screenshots captured for an upcoming magazine review.
  3. A little something I put together in MSFS today, flying around Orbx’s Auckland scenery in a local flying school C172:
  4. I was cleaning out the screenshot folder and found a batch of shots from a city scenic around Orbx’s Landmarks Auckland scenery. Still love this addon!
  5. Great minds think alike, I took the 310 from Burbank, over Palm Springs and up to Big Bear Lake. A perfect play ground for this type of machine! Great set of shots
  6. The splendid Milviz 310 over my latest Orbx purchase- Cityscape Sydney:
  7. As the title says. Great scenery, great aircraft, great sim!
  8. Hi guys, a bit late to the party with this one but am looking at purchasing the FlyTampa YSSY and Orbx Cityscape combo for MSFS. What is the current status of both products post World Update 7? Cheers!
  9. Great shots- its my hope that one day that all the marinas in MSFS can have AI generated 3D boats. Surely that's something within the realms of the existing autogen machine they are using!
  10. Loverly sequence and great pics bernd1151. I noticed you have a double up of runway centreline markings at NZMF which commonly happens if you have both blinn's incredible freeware Milford Sound Airport installed alongside the Orbx Mesh. Have a look for a folder called "z_default-nzmf" within your Community Folder and remove it to clear the conflict
  11. Those skyscrapers protruding out the hazy desert landscape look phenomenal! I remember being disappointed trying to recreate this scene with the default Asobo scenery and was much impressed upon installing the same Dubai pack as you!
  12. Thanks for the screenshot comments fellas! Here's a few more shots departing from MK Studio's Lisbon, on my next flight down to Tenerife. I like to tell a narrative from start to finish when sharing my virtual flights, so typically post full sequences with a bit of a back story over on the MSFS forums where I am not bound by such stringent posting requirements... For the 'non Orbx' portion of both flights, see All TAP'ed Out and Did I just find the worlds most scenic holding pattern?
  13. Having enjoyed a few VFR flights around Portugal recently, I wanted to see if there were any further scenery enhancements available for the region and stumbled across MK Studio's Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport in Orbx Central which has just been updated to work seamlessly with the Iberia World Update VIII. This morning I took the Flybywire A3NX from my European home base of London Gatwick to the Portuguese capital as TAP 1339 via the following route: IMVU1Z IMVUR N63 SAM M195 LORKU KORUL ASPOR XAMAX XAMA7D The real world weather forecast at Lisbon was for thick fog today, clearing at some stage between 0900 and 1100 UTC. With my arrival scheduled for 1000 UTC, I was anxiously checking the METARs en route, and had a hold programmed in on the STAR should I need it. Thankfully the cloud base had lifted by the time I got there and I was able to enjoy the Lisbon photogrammetry scenery on my final approach for runway 21:
  14. The final few shots from this morning's A32NX Gatwick to Bastia Poretta flight on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. Enjoy!
  15. Haha, it was really just a convoluted visual approach. Thanks for the comments fellas!
  16. The non precision approach into Skiathos is famous for its scenic final segment, and lack of either RNAV or ILS guidance. The only published approaches require tracking overhead a VOR on the neighboring island of Skopelos, tracking outbound for 10dme on a radial, before making a turn back towards Skiathos to intercept an offset NDB track into the bay adjacent to the airport. It certainly required a load of button mashing and overriding of the MCDU driven flight modes to pull it off, but thankfully after a 2 hour 59 block to block trip down from Gatwick- it all came together beautifully at the far end! PS- Is anyone else finding postimg extremely slow to upload images to at the moment? Or is it just me?
  17. Thanks for the compliments chaps- the lighting engine from MSFS did all the hard work. Quite difficult not to keep keying the screenshot button when the world around looked as good as it did!
  18. With the recent flurry of aircraft releases for MSFS, I’ve been neglecting my old favourite PA28R. Today I took her up for a shakedown flight from Burbank, around the Los Angles terminal flyway routing to Catalina Island. Both airport sceneries are from Orbx, having used KBUR as my West Coast sim base for a while- but only picking up KAVX recently thanks to a Steam pressy card gift for Christmas. This flight today was my first time seeing it in the sim. Needless to say, it looks just as good on my system as it does in the Orbx promo screenshots!
  19. In the real world, I run an aerial photography company. This shot over Orbx Auckland is inspired by the vertical top down shots I usually capture with our drones:
  20. It was a tough decision between mikee and Adam Banks for me- but have gone with Adam Banks for the Kiwi connection!
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