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  1. In the real world, I run an aerial photography company. This shot over Orbx Auckland is inspired by the vertical top down shots I usually capture with our drones:
  2. It was a tough decision between mikee and Adam Banks for me- but have gone with Adam Banks for the Kiwi connection!
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. My experience is similar to what IntoTheBlue discovered on the review @Fizzelleshared the link to. Beautiful visual model, superb sound kit (kept having to turn my speakers down due to the roar of the prop!), but flight model is somewhat lacking. It feels very overpowered for the size/power of the aircraft class, and can also be flown with relative stability at 60mph which is below the published stall speed in landing configuration! There are some good tips on landing technique, along with correct speeds to use and videos examples from another RW operator here: https://www.t6harvard.com/pilot-stories/t-6-landings-by-a-goodall/
  4. I recently purchased the Reno Air Races base pack expansion purely for the aircraft models, so that I could get myself the T-6 Texan (aka Harvard in the Commonwealth) and start downloading the 3rd party repaints that have been popping up on flightsim.to. This morning I took an ex Royal Canadian Air Force example on a morning sortie along the Sussex coastline, from Orbx's beautiful Shoreham (EGKA) overhead the new photogrammetry areas of Brighton and Eastbourne that came with World Update 7, then back inland along the South Downs to the River Adur, which leads back to the airfield. Enjoy the shots, there’s quite a few of them!
  5. D'Urville Island is still glitching as of 26th November 2021 (version 1.0.1) Any progress here team?
  6. Thanks chaps- I certainly can recommend winding the sim calendar back to mid winter and sprinkling a few meters of snow on the ground here, then taking an early morning flight yourselves. Magical conditions!
  7. Superb lighting- love the motion blur flyby shot. Really captures the moment!
  8. Climbing over the beautiful snow dusted Mackenzie Country landscape (NZ Mesh) in the Pilatus PC-6 (Milviz):
  9. Todays mission was a mountain party resupply run- departing from Tekapo in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, flying up the lake to a snowfield landing on the Tasman Glacier, and then returning to Tekapo. My aircraft of choice was the brilliant Milviz PC-6 from Orbx Central, using the variant fitted with skis. The scenery of course is Orbx's NZ Mesh, accented with a light dusting of snow to bring out the contours of the landscape. I’ll let the screenshots tell the story:
  10. Good news guys- your latest patch for the NA Alaska mesh fixed the PAJN runway issue on my system!
  11. G'day Holger- thanks for the acknowledgment and the explanation. I'm a long time fan of your work and very impressed with Auckland overall! PC Pilot magazine will be publishing my review of this addon in their next issue. Hopefully NZ gets selected for a world update one day in the future and we get those building levels corrected. Look forward to seeing any updates to the Auckland scenery with wakes in the future. Cheers!
  12. @John Dow have a walk around Auckland City in Google Maps street view and you wont find a single 2 story building in the entire downtown area. The above MSFS screenshots show dozens of these, evening lining the cities main street (Queen Street). What I am trying to explain is that from personal experience- having flown over the city on countless scenic flights over the last 10 years, the cityscape does not reflect the structure height of what exists here.
  13. Hi team, As an Auckland resident I am highly impressed with the Auckland City Landmarks addon you have made, however do have some feedback. The generic CBD buildings that have not been modelled in detail are far too low, resulting in quite a hollow feeling to the city center. If you take a comparison look between this screenshot from MSFS and a Google Earth render, you'll notice the majority of the commercial buildings lining the major streets in the city center are approximately 10 stories high rather than 2 stories high as shown in the sim. I feel like even the default MSFS scenery had these heights correct? From Google Earth: Is this something that could be adjusted with some simple coding? It would be also good to see every boat in the harbour with a wake trail. This is what the harbour typically appears like from above:
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