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  1. I think they are all great too for myriad reasons. I just wish the pedestrians on the tarmacs in sims would just talk to me occasionally. They just stand there in the way...It's very rude.....??
  2. I have tried a bunch but they are all the same. Military versions are the worst. I am surprised that in my 30 or so years of simming with MS and LM, not one has come up with a dumbed down chopper that I can land on the summit of the Matterhorn with no problem???? I think the designers are masochistic and sucked us all in with Cessna 182s and such and are still laughing their butts of thinking about FLMs trying to fly that dang Bell Jet Ranger competently!
  3. I have deleted/installed several times, Verified Files, and then ran Airport Elevation Corrections. Same result is sunken portions of the airport. Other recent purchases working fine in P3Dv4.5 current version... Help please?
  4. So glad you posted again. I couldn't find the thread and wanted to respond with some news. Using the "punch as many buttons as possible" approach to fixing PC issues I discovered that I am in fact an idiot. The problem is a little mis-understood Navigraph setting inside LittleNavMap under Scenery Library tab. I had selected "Prepared3D" and chose "Navigraph-AIRAC Cycle 2013" and "Use Navigraph for all Features" mode. That is incorrect. I changed it to "Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures" and KORD 32L and 32R were back. (Yes I could see them flying over and departing - so it had to be LNM). Must be an omission somehow in Navigraph? Thanks for thinking this through with me Doug - Sadly another data point for "It's usually operator error..."! P
  5. I am sorry to be so dense. The screenshot is me positioned at 32L from P3D, and the map shot is KORD (from 27R in the North to 27L in the south) in its entirety from LittleNavMap. All runways are there EXCEPT 32L and 32R. You can see me (yellow) positioned where 32L should be. Alex says he doesn't update or add runways in his LNM updates as he relies on existing scenery files. Hence I came to Orbx, but I suppose it could be something amiss in P3D? Not sure where Orbx sources the aircraft runways etc... I can live with less "KORD", but it seems like it should be able to be fixed? Or I have failed in my LNM stup somehow? Thanks. P
  6. Roger that Doug! Can't imagine why they are missing on my rig... Thanks.
  7. I find myself regularly assigned approaches to RWY 32L or 32R at KORD. I have never been able to find such runways although I think they were constructed in 2008(ish). I checked and is not in LittleNavMap. My Navigraph database inside P3Dv4.5.14.34698 has those approaches (and you can lock them in), but there is no there "there" when you get to 200'! I am thinking it is an omission in Orbx? Thanks for giving this a look. Paul
  8. Thanks all, guys! ("Friet" for the link to Nick's addition to a solution!) Ok. I have executed all Nick's fixes, reinstalled GES, LOWI, and verified all my Orbx (which is all of it available), and OpelLC Europe. Then verified all those other in the area, then synched it all, and guess what? It is all okay now and working grea!! I apologize for running all the previous steps one-after-the-other. Therefore I cannot help as to why the problem was there for those who may follow my frustration...!! I have no idea what was wrong...but in the end...! BUT, your direction helped me fix it so my qudos to Orbx team and fellow fans for aiming me to getting it fixed\! I know that Orbx is pressing hard at gaining compatibility with MS, and support resources are stressed? But the "team can solve most of the issues even when focusing on new revenue sources. MS' new package will be fun and I'll be there too in due course, but for now P3Dv4.5....! Great support and insight as always guys! Paul
  9. Thanks guys. I do have LOWI installed, and I did not think to set the preferences correctly and I have done that now. The black tiles have left the area close in to LOWI and the Inn valley, but not south of LOWI where they still remain. Still extends west to LSZR and east to LOWS north into GES border areas...? Nick Cooper had a very useful piece about renaming a terrain.cfg or scenery.cfg file and having P3D re build it, but I have misplaced that link? Can you assist? Any other ideas? Paul
  10. I hope I'm not posting on the wrong forum? I still have large areas of black scenery boxes along the southern border of Germany South as you can see from this shot just SE of LOIK heading towards LOWS. I have deleted and reloaded a couple times, and still cant get it to take. The black boxes only occur in the mountainous regions between LSZE (Bad Ragaz) and LOWS (Salzburg) which I believe lie within Germany South? Any ideas why this might be happening with just this area of Germany South? Thanks as always! Paul
  11. Thanks John. That's what I was looking for (and thanks again Nick!). I'm sure it will work again and I have book marked the solution this time!! Paul
  12. Lots of black land areas in Southern Germany. Everything looks okay outside this product's coverage area (N-S-E-W). Have removed and re-installed several package times. "Frozen Lakes off" in Vector. Any ideas? Thanks. Paul
  13. I have been trying to get SODE up and running, but after reinstalling and updating, I now find the jetways are missing from KIDA. Any ideas as to what would cause that? I have attached a clip from P3Dv4.5 - not sure you will be able to see it. Suffice it to say both jetways are cut off at the jetway portal in the terminal building at KIDAMissing Jetways at KIDA.fsr Thanks. Paul
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