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  1. Second last shot, cockpit window left side :-)
  2. Thank you very much guys! On the way to Alice Spring we (The AN-2 and me) indeed crossed Hermannsburg. And did anyone notice the Brachycera in the cockpit ;-)? Nice detail with the Aerosoft AN-2. A flying animal in the aircraft.
  3. I really love this Cessna 140 (by Aeroplane Heaven) ... interior, exterior and everything in between ;-). Shall we really land over there ...?? Let´s have a beer :-). Thanks or watching.
  4. Thank you Brad! Thanks :-) Thank you Adam! Thanks! Thank you Thanks Ian. I would love to hike over there. It´s just so very far away from home...
  5. Superb shot! And the skin is great too.
  6. Great shots, especially the last one
  7. Thank you Ian Thanks :-). It is a Heinkel He 111.
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